TikTokers goes wild for 'healthy' Snickers snack hack: 'Omg so good!'

This Tiktoker's snack combo is being called 'chef's kiss'.

A popular TikToker is sending foodies wild after sharing what might be the perfect summer snack after hacking simple ingredients to make a 'healthier' Snickers bar.

Tigga Maccormack, a cake artist from Melbourne, has shared her take on a no-bake, wholesome Snickers snack that's ready in less than 15 minutes and uses just three ingredients to make.

Testing out the recipe for her 1.6 million fans on her TikTok page tigga_mac, she admitted she was sceptical at first, but the results blew her away.

Using the Sunrice mini rice cakes, she layered a “healthy amount” of peanut butter on top of each one. She then “squished” two biscuits together, making a little sandwich. She then dipped each one in melted milk chocolate before topping them with crushed nuts to ensure they really tasted like a Snickers bar.

tigga_mac snickers snack hack
The inexpensive snack is not only delicious, but healthier than a Snickers bar. Source: TikTok/tigga-mac

Once they were all put together, she popped them in the freezer for just 10 minutes.

“The verdict? They tasted like Snickers! Obviously, they aren’t exactly the same as Snickers. But they were extremely close,” she revealed in her video which has been viewed more than 370,000 times.

“The salty, sweet combo is perfection!”


Although some fans pointed out that one of the key Snickers ingredients - the caramel - was missing, Tigga says it doesn’t need it because the combo is already sweet enough.

“For starters, I would say these contain less sugar. They are saltier than Snickers as well. It has Snickers vibes but is still different,” she responded to one fan in the comments on her video.

tigga_mac Snickers snack hack

Her snack hack sent hundreds of her TikTok fans crazy, with many commenting on her video, keen to test it out for themselves.

“Even if it didn’t taste like Snickers that combo is chef's kiss!” One person wrote.

“Love it, a healthy, easy treat,” another added. Meanwhile, a third was quick to try them out. “I just tried this tastes so good.”

While the simple flavour combo was clearly a hit, others revealed they'd tested out similar tasty snack hacks for ‘healthier’ Snickers bars too

Rice crackers seemed to be the healthier option of choice, original Ritz crackers combined with chocolate and peanut butter were also a hit, as well as crunchy peanut butter and Nutella on pancakes.

tigga_mac Snickers snack hack
Melbourne cake artist Tigga Mac gives the flavour combo her tick of approval. Source: TikTok/tigga-mac

But the Snickers flavour wasn't the only easy-to-replicate chocolate bar. Dozens of others also shared their own take on other healthier chocolate bar flavour combos too.

“Salted caramel dark chocolate Dove and butter round crackers is the broke person’s KitKat,” one person pointed out.

“I put peanut butter and Nutella on bread together to make a 'Snickers' sandwich,” shared another.

“Trust me when I say Dates, crunchy Peanut butter and chocolate... sooo good!” Offered another.

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