Woolworths apologises after chef calls them out for glaring pasta blunder

A customer has thrown shade at Woolworths for a pasta packaging mistake that caught his eye

Navigating the supermarket aisles is usually a straightforward task. After all, what you see is usually what you get – or so you'd think. But a recent discovery by a sharp-eyed shopper at Woolworths has revealed a rather embarrassing packaging blunder in the supermarket's pasta section.

The customer with a keen eye, who also happens to be an Italian chef who posts under the name of Vincenzo's Plate on Facebook, took to social to air his irritation after stumbling upon a rather perplexing sight when shopping for pasta.

The Woolworths own brand penne pasta was spotted with rigatoni inside. Photo: Facebook
The Woolworths own brand penne pasta was spotted with rigatoni inside. Photo: Facebook/Vincenzo's Plate

Alongside a snapshot shared from the store, he wrote: "Can you please help me here? I can't believe this Australian supermarket is selling Rigatoni Pasta as Penne. This is false advertising and doesn't teach the younger generations."

Indeed, the discrepancy between the packaging and the pasta inside is quite apparent, even to to untrained eye. While the label on the outside reads "penne," the contents within, appears to be rigatoni.

Vincenzo is no stranger to the intricacies of pasta varieties. He pointed out the distinct differences between the two pasta types – rigatoni's larger size and straight edges versus penne's slimmer profile and diagonal cut. However subtle, the inconsistency irked the passionate chef who vented his disappointment online.


When it came to the price, there was little disparity – Woolworths' essential penne priced at 90 cents per packet and rigatoni at $1 per packet.

The Facebook post amassed over 5,100 likes, with many finding humour in Vincenzo's reaction. One comment read, "I love it! Finally cheaper rigatoni!" Another person chimed in, "I mean there could be a lot worse things."

While some playfully attributed it to being "Australian Pasta," others believed the mislabelling to be a genuine mishap. A woman even wrote, "I feel like this may be a labelling issue! I haven't seen it before,"

Expressing a touch of scepticism, Vincenzo responded, "It could be, I really hope it is and they're not trying to make Italians angry."

Indeed, Woolworths has confirmed with Yahoo Lifestyle the labelling error was an isolated mistake.

"We don't know how this one got past-a us!" the spokesperson said, "We apologise for this error which appears to be a one-off instance and are currently looking into this with our supplier."

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