TikTok goes crazy for 'genius' air-fryer nacho hack watched by millions

Don't watch this if you're hungry.

TikTok is going crazy for a new viral air fryer video, but it seems to have left many a little confused.

The Shaba Kitchen, a TikTok page offering delicious recipes and food hacks has posted its latest recipe hack - air fryer nachos.

Putting a twist on the traditional Mexican dish, the TikToker who runs the page said she’d now “never make nachos any other way,” before showing fans how the perfectly crunchy nachos are made.

Sharing the recipe with her 36.1 million fans, the step-by-step video gained over 11.4 million views with more than 3300 comments.

air fryer nachos
The amazingly crunchy, cheesey nachos were whipped up in the air fryer in just 10 minutes. Source: TikTok/@theshabakitchen

Creating layers in the air fryer basket she first starts with Doritos before adding cheese, seasoned cooked beef, followed by another layer of cheese and another layer of Doritos.

She then adds another layer of cheese, chopped capsicums, green onions, chopped tomatoes, and extra beef before a third and final layer of cheese.

air fryer nachos

The huge stacked-up nachos dish then goes into the air fryer for 10 minutes at 200 degrees. And the result? Perfectly a perfectly melted nachos stack.

“Air fried nachos are the best !!! The chip doesn’t get soggy,” one TikToker said of her recipe.

“This is how nachos should be made,” another person offered.

“Those look incredible!” said a third impressed foodie.


But despite the epic-looking dish, air-fryer fans had some questions.

Some couldn’t understand how she achieved the perfect spread of melted cheese and avoided the cheese flying around the air fryer. Others questioned how she could keep all the layers perfectly placed while cooking too.

air fryer nachos

But the biggest issue dozens TikTokers had was how she got them out of the air fryer basket so perfectly.

“Looks great but how the hell do you get it out of the air fryer??” one person questioned.

“I hope you recorded yourself removing them from the air fryer because I know it wasn't easy and we all want to see!” another chimed in, with a third demanding “Show us how you get them out!”

With hundreds of comments and dozens asking how she did it, she posted a second video to her TikTok account showing exactly how it was done.

air fryer nachos

In the second video, she explains that she lined the air fryer basket with baking paper before adding each layer. She then picked up the paper carefully and pulled the entire stack out placing it on a tray and then adding another set of toppings.

Once TikTok got a taste of the final product out of the air fryer, it seems most critics were sold on the idea.

“That looks good AF,” one person commented with another saying “the best thing you’ve made so far.”

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