TikToker divides with brutal act after divorce: 'Bitter'

"What else was I going to do with my wedding dress?"

A TikToker has divided opinion after taking part in a photoshoot where she burnt her wedding dress after her divorce was finalised, with the video being seen by almost six million people.

Lauren Brooke, 31, shared photos and videos from the shoot last month, with most TikTok users loving the video, while others slammed her.

A TikToker has divided after burning her wedding dress
A TikToker has divided after burning her wedding dress once her divorce was finalised, with some labelling her 'bitter', while others loved it. Photo: TikTok/lauren_brooke91

In the photos, Lauren poses in a red dress, holding a sign that says 'divorced', as she watches her wedding dress burn. She also steps on a photo of herself and her husband on their wedding day, later ripping it in half and setting it on fire as well.

In another snap, she holds a sign that reads, "I'd wish you the best, but you already had it."

"This screams red flag," one user wrote, while another added, "Someone is being bitter."

"Shame on you," a third wrote.

"You should have sold that wedding dress and got money out of it," someone else added with eye-rolling emojis.


Many others loved it with one fan writing, "OMG, best video I've seen today."

"I want to get married and then divorced just to do this," another said.

"This is such a slay," a third wrote.

"I need to find my old dress and do this! Mine is rotting in a storage unit... This is better," someone else added.

"For any of the haters, this is incredible!" another said.

"Better to have this than a toxic relationship," one user added.

Speaking with the New York Post, Lauren said, "I’ve been called a narcissist and attention-seeking, and people are saying I was the problem."

"The photo shoot wasn’t celebrating the divorce itself – it was celebrating the fact that I survived it," she adds.

Lauren and her husband attended the same Baptist church growing up, and tied the knot in October 2012.

However, the relationship sadly deteriorated, partly due to the her ex-husband's job in the military.

"It can be difficult to be a military wife... The pressures from his job put a strain on the marriage," she shared, revealing she decided to file separation papers in September 2021, but hoped things would work out between the pair.


In North Carolina, where Lauren lives, you have to be legally separated for a year and a day before you can get a divorce, with the TikToker describing the year as "an emotional rollercoaster".

"What else was I going to do with my wedding dress? It couldn’t be returned and I wouldn’t want to give it to my daughter – not after the way it ended. So why not burn it?" she said.

While Lauren met someone new in February this year, she isn't so sure she'd be ready to marry again.

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