Influencer risks wardrobe malfunction with tiny sheer bodysuit: 'Insane'

Alix Earle pulled off some daring looks for a music festival.

Popular influencer Alix Earle has divided fans after sharing some of her revealing looks from the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The electronic music festival took place in March, but the content creator didn’t get around to sharing her festival looks on Instagram until Thursday.

Her first outfit was one of the most polarising, leaving fans wondering how she didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction. She wore a completely sheer purple bodysuit, with pasties over her breasts and silver ropes adorning her legs.

Influencer Alix Earle at Ultra Music Festival
Influencer Alix Earle turned heads with her tiny purple bodysuit. Photo: Instagram/alix_earle

The sparkly bodysuit was extremely high cut, with only a tiny scrap of fabric covering her modesty. The purple number also had a high neckline and flowing sleeves.

The 22-year-old finished the look off with a set of holographic face gems, white socks and a pair of dirty white sneakers. Her hair was half pulled back in a braid and high ponytail, with the rest left down in messy beach waves.


“Two weeks later: just now recovered enough to post an IG from Ultra,” she wrote in the caption.

Her skimpy bodysuit wasn’t the only jaw-dropping outfit Alix donned for the Miami music festival. She also wore a barely-there crystal bra with a matching crystal mask, as well as fully transparent chaps over a thong bikini bottom.

L: Alix Earle in a bikini at Ultra Music Festival with a friend. R: Alix Earle wearing transparent chaps at Ultra Music Festival
She was also spotted in a crystal bra and transparent chaps. Photo: Instagram/alix_earle

Her followers were stunned by the 'insane' looks, with many asking how she stayed covered up.

“With all due respect Alix, how did it not fall out?” one fan joked.

“How do your bits stay in place?!? HOW????” another asked.

“I simply do not understand how a lip doesn’t slip, but you look [fire],” a third chimed in.

“I will never be able to experience this much trust in my clothing,” another remarked.


Some fans also fawned over the snaps, calling her “gorgeous” and “perfect”. However, there were a few negative reactions.

“I can’t [with] influencers, like what are you wearing?” a fan asked.

“Can literally see what you ate for breakfast,” another quipped.

“Could have made bank on the first pic on OnlyFans LMAO,” a third pointed out.

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