TikToker makes bizarre Tracy Grimshaw discovery: 'So confused'

The TikToker decided to get to the bottom of the mystery.

An Aussie TikToker has made a strange discovery involving Tracy Grimshaw and the DreamWorks animated film Shark Tale. While the film has a star-studded cast, with the likes of Will Smith, Robert Di Niro, Angelina Jolie and Renée Zellweger, the Aussie star also makes a brief appearance.

The TikToker Tylah Hill was convinced that he had heard Tracy Grimshaw’s voice when watching the film but was unable to find any trace of it online. The influencer, who often shares “Aussie nostalgia” on the platform, embarked on an A Current Affair style investigation.

L: Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair. R: TikToker Tylah Hill looks shocked
A TikToker has been busy uncovering the link between Tracy Grimshaw and Shark Tale. Photo: Nine & TikTok/tylahhill

He shared that there was no trace of the news host on the version available to stream on Netflix or on Stan, leaving him scratching his head.

The TikToker ended up having to order an Australian DVD from 2005 so that he could check the version that was played in theatres years ago.


“In my last attempt to solve the Tracy Grimshaw Shark Tale mystery, I opened the DVD and confirmed it was a legitimate 2005 Australian release DVD,” he told his followers.

L: Tylah Hill holds a copy of a Shark Tale DVD. R: A fish reporter from Shark Tale
The TikToker ordered a physical copy of the DVD to help with his investigation. Photo: TikTok/tylahhill & DreamWorks

He showed footage from the film that had Tracy Grimshaw’s voicing reporter Katie Current and included a shot of the end credits where her name appeared.

“Petition for streaming services to have the Tracy Grimshaw version of Shark Tale in Australia,” Tylah quipped in the comments.

His TikTok quickly racked up over 125,000 views, with people sharing how shocked they were by the revelation.

“I was literally so curious about this ever since I saw her name on IMDB,” one follower wrote.

“It’s only Jan 4th but I can confidently say this is the investigation of the year,” another quipped.

“I KNEW IT! This movie gaslit me for years. Thank you for closing this chapter in my life,” exclaimed a third.

“Wow I thought this was going nowhere and then bam you found her!” another wrote.

“I’ve known this for years and was so confused when I heard a different voice because she used to come up in the credits and everything,” a TikToker added.


Others pointed out that this happens often with Australian versions of animated films.

“Yeah and Rove McManus was one of the little nipping crabs in Finding Nemo with the same Australian region version thingo,” one person shared.

“Like Kochie is a koala in Zootopia. But they had different news presenters around the world,” added another.

“This is the same thing for DC SuperPets, they delayed [the] movie to get the Bondi Vets guy in it,” a third chimed in.

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