Fails galore as Tracy Grimshaw hosts A Current Affair from her bedroom

Tracy Grimshaw hosting A Current Affair from spare bedroom
Tracy Grimshaw is hosting A Current Affair from her spare bedroom. Photo: Instagram/the_cameramans_style

The spare bed was out and a makeshift TV studio was in when Tracy Grimshaw hosted A Current Affair from a bedroom in her home on Monday night.

Many Australians have already transitioned to working from home amid the global coronavirus pandemic, with the veteran TV host joining those able to do so this week.

But as many will know from experience, things don’t always go to plan, with Tracy suffering a few fails throughout the broadcast, including her three dogs crashing the show.

“Tonight we're coming to you from my bedroom,” Tracy told to viewers at the start of the show, before adding “And there's something I never thought I'd say.”

“It's a spare room and in the interests of staying home, we'll be here for a while.

“I have a small crew here for the first night, which is allowed, because they're of course at work.”

One of her crew members shared photos of how the spare bedroom was transformed into a home studio, complete with lights, audio, camera and television mounted on the wall showing the show’s backdrop.

Nine explained on its website the change could last “for the next few weeks”.

During the set up the host was spotted completely barefoot underneath her makeshift desk, before changing into a pair of sneakers - which she hinted on Twitter was the same attire she wore every night.

And aside from the hilarious moment she had to try and wrangle her three dogs who had crashed the broadcast, telling them to ‘sit and stay’ as her crew watched on, Tracy was also left a little miffed when the TV behind her switch channels to another network.

tracy grimshaw a current affair from home
At one point her backdrop changed to another channel. Photo: Twitter

Most viewers applauded the program for doing its bit to #stopthespread and taking production away from the studios, with many musing over Tracy experiencing the working from home hiccups and technical glitches we all know too well.

“Even Trace has challenges working from home,” one viewer comment on Instagram.

“You can barely tell she’s not in the Channel 9 studios,” another praised.

“Awesome seeing Tracy Grimshaw hosting ACA from home,” another viewer wrote on Twitter.

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