TikToker's life-sized Wednesday cake sparks fierce debate: 'Disgusting'

TikTok baker Lara Mason, who goes by the username Cake Anything, is known for creating life-sized and realistic cakes. Lara has over 3 million followers on the platform and famously recreated the Queen from cake for her Platinum Jubilee.

With the Netflix show Wednesday growing in popularity, the baker decided to try and create a life-sized version of Jenna Ortega’s character. She shared the process that went into making the giant cake on social media, but not everybody was happy with her creation.

L: Close up of a face made from cake. R: TikTok star Lara Mason carving a Wednesday cake
TikToker Lara Mason has upset people with her latest creation. Photo: Facebook/Cake Anything with Lara Mason

The influencer showed fans how she stacked and layered the cake, before carving it into the shape of a person. She used chocolate and frosting to bring her character to life and made sure to capture tiny details, including an intricate pattern on Wednesday’s dress.

While the face didn’t look very realistic at first, she painstakingly carved and moulded the head until it resembled a person.


In one of her TikToks, Lara revealed that she had spent six hours working on Wednesday’s head before she dropped it and had to start again from scratch.

L: Cake scraps covering the floor. R: TikToker Lara Mason covering a cake in frosting
Fans weren't happy after seeing how much cake went to waste. Photo: Facebook/Cake Anything with Lara Mason

Most people were impressed with her attempt, with one fan calling her an “amazing talent”.

“Oh my! That is incredibly good and so much talent and time and colour into it. Well done,” another added.

“That looks fantastic! Love watching your cakes…you have got a lot of patience. Fab work,” a third chimed in.

However, the cake creator was slammed by many viewers who were appalled by the waste. As Lara carves her cakes, she lets excess cake drop on the dirty floor meaning it can’t be eaten.

“Do it up on the table so the cake pieces can be sold in little containers too, what a waste instead of walking all over it!” a fan commented.

Two photos of a life-sized Wednesday cake
Others applauded the baker for creating such a realistic cake. Photo: Facebook/Cake Anything with Lara Mason

“It’s amazing work, truly talented, but also seems very wasteful as food that won’t be eaten,” agreed another.

“While indeed it’s a bit of a skill, it’s just disgusting. Who’d eat that? Been handled too much,” a third added.

“And what happens with the cake they don’t use??? I hope they use it at least feeding some street dogs,” another said.


The TikToker addressed this issue while replying to a fan, saying that she feeds the scraps to her “local wildlife”.

“Throughout the year I make lots of cakes and every time I bake/order too much in case I make a mistake,” she explained. “Any cake leftover goes into the freezer and although it is tightly wrapped, it’s never as good as before. Especially when it’s been in there for so long.

“At the end of every year I use up all these left over supplies in one giant, just for me project for fun and to practice my skill. The scraps are placed in the woods near our house and are eaten by the local wildlife.”

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