Mum roasted over 'cruel' Wednesday Addams inspired name: 'Ugly'

A mum has been brutally mocked online after she revealed the unique name she gave her newborn baby. Katie Adams gave birth to a baby girl on Halloween and took inspiration from The Addams Family character Wednesday Addams.

She decided to go with a peculiar spelling and named her child Wednesdaigh Adams. Her kids all have unusual names, with her first three children called Ma’Kynnleigh, Emma’Leigh and Jaxx’syn.

A mum hugging a baby after taking inspiration from Wednesday Addams
A mum has come under fire for her Wednesday Addams inspired name. Photo: Getty

It’s likely that Wednesday will rise in popularity soon as a baby name thanks to Tim Burton’s hit Netflix series Wednesday Addams — but Katie swears she’s had this name in mind for years.

She told The Sun that her family are big Addams Family fans, but had to wait for the perfect date before using the name.

“When I found out my 2022 baby was going to be born on Halloween me and my husband agreed we would do Wednesdaigh,” she told the publication.


She added that she does get ‘lots of questions’ about her children’s names, but she ‘doesn’t pay attention’ to any negative comments.

After a photo of the newborn and a frame showing her name and date of birth was posted online, people on Twitter roasted the mum for choosing the ‘cruel’ name.

“Just spell the word right! We get it, just because you spell it in a wacky way, doesn’t change the fact that you named your kid after a day…also the goth girl from Addams Family. Trust me, she won’t be as cool,” one person wrote.

“I grew up having my normal ass name misspelled and I can’t fathom how much worse it’ll be for these [kids]. It’s like using a name as a punishment,” another added.


“I’m gonna throw up that’s the ugliest spelling of a name ever,” a third chimed in.

“As someone born on Halloween long before this child, this is illegal,” another wrote.

“Wednesday [is] already hard enough to spell as it is, poor baby,” a person added.

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