Mum savagely roasted over 'healthy' fairy bread: 'Nightmare’

A mum has been savagely roasted after she shared her recipe for 'healthy' fairy bread. The mum revealed her daughter had asked for the iconic Aussie snack, but she said "no" and instead came up with an alternative.

Sharing a video on TikTok, the mum slapped shredded coconut, carrots, purple cabbage and beetroot on a chopping board. She then grated the veggies to expel their juice before pouring it over three separate bowls of shredded coconut to colour it.

A piece of fairy bread (left) and a mum drizzling beetroot juice on shredded coconut (right).
The mum was roasted for her fairy bread recipe. Source: TikTok/@Fatimahomran

She then left it to air dry and tossed the coloured coconut together to create a sprinkle-like resemblance before buttering bread and scattering it on top.

"At a party on the weekend and there are some things you just have to say no to," the mum captioned her video.

"If your children love colourful food, then they are going to adore healthy fairy bread."

The mum's unique recipe however was met with furious comments from people who claimed she should just let her child enjoy the treat every now and then.


"Fairy bread is like the staple of an Aussie kid's party. It's not often so let them have it. Every once and a while sugar will be OK," one commented.

"If it's her birthday party, give her the fairy bread. Kids will be like, 'What in the world is this?' and will probably tease her for it," another said.

"It's a party!!! Let them enjoy, it's not an everyday food – so sad," a third added, while somebody else commented, "This looks like a texture nightmare".

Others claimed the butter and white bread the mother used meant the fairy bread still wasn't that healthy.

"Why go through all that trouble to replace the sprinkles when you still use white sandwich bread?" one said.

"Just as much sugar in that," another claimed.

"Because the real problem is the sprinkles, not the white bread or butter clearly," a comment read.

"It's probably the same sugar content anyway," a third chimed in.

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