TikToker's 'inappropriate' thong bikini video with toddler sparks debate

The young mum has fiercely defended her actions.

A TikToker has sent people into a spin after sharing a video with her toddler while wearing a skimpy thong bikini. Krysta Feth, 31, left very little to the imagination as she walked through a picturesque lake with her young son.

The mum of four isn’t afraid to show off her body and often shares bikini snaps on social media. Written across her controversial video was a simple sentence: “Motherhood didn’t come with a dress code”.

L: TikToker Krysta Feth takes a selfie. R: Krysta Feth kisses her young son on the lips
TikToker Krysta Feth has come under fire for her clothing choices. Photo: Instagram/krysta_wakingupin5d

In the caption, she elaborated on some of the hate comments she receives for how she dresses around her children.

“I get a lot of comments about what kinda mum I must be dressed the way I do. I’m a homeschooling, crunchy, natural Mumma who’s built my entire existence around my children.

"I just also happen to be incredibly comfortable in my own skin,” the Canadian influencer explained.

The short TikTok has been viewed over 5.5 million times and racked up almost 700K likes and thousands of comments.


Many condemned her actions, saying that her outfit was ‘inappropriate’ and lacked ‘class’.

L: Krysta Feth in a skimpy bikini. R: TikToker Krysta Feth wearing a thong bikini while beckoning her toddler son forward in a lake
Krysta isn't afraid to show off her body, and says that she shouldn't be 'sexualised'. Photo: Instagram/krysta_wakingupin5d

“But why does your a** have to be out? What’s wrong with covering up a little? Modesty goes a long way especially raising boys,” one person commented.

“Well you either want to teach your kid some decency or you don’t. Choice is all yours,” another added.

“You’re right, it didn’t come with a dress code. But motherhood did come with consequences for your actions,” a third wrote.

“It’s less about other people judging you. It’s more about this being a sign of your narcissism. Look how carefully you're placing your body in the frame so that your a** is visible at the perfect angle,” another remarked.

Krysta shut down the trolls, called it a natural “motherhood moment, " and is proud of the values she’s teaching her kids.

“My son was never even supposed to be in this video lmao, he saw me trying to do something without him and followed me, so I figured…well isn’t this just a motherhood moment, where you don’t get a minute of privacy,” she wrote.

“He will be taught that the human body is not inherently sexual and he can appreciate the female body, in all its natural beauty without sexualising it.”

TikToker Krysta Feth poses on a longboard in the sea
The brunette received a slew of support from other mums. Photo: Instagram/krysta_wakingupin5d

The TikToker received a wave of support from other mums on TikTok, with some pointing out that in Europe, it’s not uncommon to be scantily clad around children.

“People should care less about what women decide to or not to wear lol. She’s a mum being a mum the way she sees best fit. These ain’t your kids. Shut up,” one fired back.


“My mum would hide her body and was always critical of herself, I grew into her habits. Good on you for teaching your kids how to love their bodies,” another pointed out.

“Love it you go mama! We are only young once! No reason to have to dress like a nun just because we are mums,” a third chimed in.

“I’m a young mother and will be showing my body. Me being half naked doesn’t make me a bad mum,” commented another.

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