TikToker slams man over 'creepy' behaviour in sauna: 'Red flag'

A Sydney-based TikToker has taken to the app to question if she was in the wrong over a situation that took place in her apartment building's sauna.

Milly Bannister, who goes by @millyrosebannister on the app, shared how in her building, there was both a male and a female sauna to ensure the "safety and privacy" of those using the facilities.

However, the influencer was left shocked when she and a friend were in the female sauna and a man 'barged' in and refused to leave when they asked him to.

A TikToker at the pool and man in Speedo
A TikToker has called out a man for his 'creepy' behaviour in a womens-only sauna after being asked to leave. Photo: TikTok/@millyrosebannister

The man quickly became angry, with Milly sharing that his defence was that he may have been "gay" and that she shouldn't be judging him based on his appearance.

However, he later admitted to her that he prefers the female sauna as it gets hotter than the male sauna.


"OK, so I'm at the pool in my building complex that I have a pass to, and there are a couple of saunas that are in here," she began. "One of them is male and one of them is a female, and of course, I would prefer to use the female because I'm in brief clothing, I'm sweating, I'm sitting with my girlfriend, I'm having a conversation, you know, you're in a very enclosed space. And you're sweating, it's very personal and intimate."

She continued, "So my friend and I were sitting in the female sauna right here, it's very closed and intimate, when this man barges in without asking and sits right smack in the middle."

"The question is: am I the a**hole for asking the man to leave, because I don't feel comfortable in a female-only sauna to have a man there, whom I don't know."

Milly also clarified in captions on the video and in the comments that the men's sauna was empty, he was simply refusing to use it.

Support for Milly quickly flooded the comments section, with many sharing that she was not the "a**hole" and that he was "creepy" for intimidating her and her friend.

"The fact that he didn’t leave and fought you on this is a scary red flag," one commenter wrote.

"The audacity of the man," another added.

"You did the right thing, it's a safety thing as well. You kept both of yourselves safe," a third wrote.

"I’d feel uncomfortable too," a fourth said. "Saunas are rather intense spaces."

"He's upset you called him on his creepiness," someone else added.

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