TikToker slammed for 'classless' dance with married star: 'Half naked'

A TikToker has been shamed online after she shared a video dancing seductively with married Reservoir Dogs star Nathan Apodaca.

Rose Cordeiro, 48, often shares scantily-clad videos on social media to show off her youthful figure.

L: TikTok stars Doggface or Nathan Apodaca and Rose Cordeiro dancing. R: Rose Cordeiro in a yellow bikini
TikToker Rose Cordeiro has been slammed for her seductive dance with a married man. Photo: TikTok/crzy_fitmama4

Wearing a green dress held together with a gold chain, she almost had a wardrobe malfunction while dancing with Nathan, known on TikTok as ‘Doggface’.

Rose’s dress had an extremely high split up her thigh, showing off her lack of underwear.


“Vibin out with Doggface in Hollywood,” the mum of four captioned her video.

People were quick to point out that ‘Doggface’ is happily married, with many outraged by Rose’s actions.

Two photos of TikTok stars Rose Cordeiro and Doggface dancing
Rose left very little to the imagination in her skimpy dress. Photo: TikTok/crzy_fitmama4

“She’s the one disrespecting his wife, look at her trying to show off herself to a married man and with four kids at that. Embarrassing,” one fan pointed out.

“I would not want my man to have some girl’s a** on him, that’s hella disrespectful,” added a second.

“You’re just a disrespectful classless woman. Doing too much for likes. There are boundaries, you crossed them,” wrote another.

“Girl you’re literally bending over in front of the man half naked,” remarked a fourth.

The TikToker responded to the backlash, writing: “Ppl are so ASSumingly STUPID. Love his wife! It’s a f**king dance. Smh.”

On the other hand, there were multiple people who left comments to support Rose.

“Folks need to relax, it’s a damn dance,” a fan wrote.

“He could care less. He’s looking at the camera, not her,” a second pointed out.

“Omg never thought I’d see my favourites doing a duo together, love it! The best TikTok videos!” another chimed in.

Rose was in Hollywood to feature in ‘Doggface’s’ latest music videos for a song called After Party.

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