TikToker sparks furious debate after getting 'revenge' on beachgoers

A TikToker has sparked fierce debate after sharing her ‘petty revenge’ trick after a couple blocked her view at the beach.

In a video that has now been viewed over seven million times, Madison Gooch explained how she managed to force the older couple to move.

L: Two older people on a beach sitting in blue beach chairs. R: TikToker Madison's mum sprinkles chips behind their chairs
TikToker Madison showed how her mum sprinkled chips behind the couple. Photo: TikTok/madison3gooch

“A whole beach and this couple chooses to sit right in front of us,” she wrote on TikTok, as the camera pans to show a couple sitting in blue beach chairs.

Her mum had a ‘genius’ idea on how to get revenge and sprinkled handfuls of potato chips behind their chairs to attract birds.


It wasn’t long before a swath of birds came to eat the chips, disturbing the couple enough to make them leave.

“That man was heated,” Madison wrote in the caption.

L: Birds around a couple sitting in beach chairs on the beach. R: A couple carry their chairs as they walk away on the beach
The couple moved after being disturbed by a flock of birds. Photo: TikTok/madison3gooch

While the TikToker may have been expecting praise for their beach hack, she quickly received a string of criticism.

“Aww that’s sad…they weren’t bothering anyone,” one person wrote.

“They are seniors, I’d never question. I can move over & over. I’m happy for the older couple to enjoy the beach. I’d happily offer snacks or drinks,” a second added.

“Not the couple’s fault. You are too far from the water,” another commented.

“Life’s too short for this, [you’re] just putting bad karma in the world…that’s what we’ve come to, everybody trying to get famous being bullies,” a fourth remarked.


However, there were plenty of people in awe of Madison’s trick, with many saying the couple may have felt 'entitled' due to their age.

“This is the level of petty I ASPIRE to be. Don’t pay attention to any negative comments, this is beautiful,” one follower wrote.

“I will never understand why people choose to sit so close when there is an entire beach!” added a second.

“It has everything to do with age — boomers think they are entitled to do whatever they want. This is a perfect example,” another pointed out.

“Out of spite I probably would’ve moved my umbrella and set up in front of them. We can keep going ‘till we’re in the ocean,” a fourth quipped.

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