TikToker roasted after slamming iconic Aussie staple: 'How dare you'

A TikToker has caused outrage after declaring fairy bread is “a big crime” and being physically disgusted by the taste.

American Jessi Pasini loves to play pranks on her Italian husband Alessio Pasini, with his dramatic reactions often going viral.

L: TikToker Alessio Pasini looking disgusted by fairy bread. R: Fairy bread
Aussies have slammed a TikToker for his reaction to fairy bread. Photo: TikTok/thepasinis

In a viral TikTok that has been viewed almost 6 million times, Jessi decided to surprise her husband with the Aussie snack.

Alessio looks horrified as his wife dips a buttered piece of white bread into a plate of sprinkles before presenting it to him.

“Oh, this is a big crime. It’s a big crime! Australia, when I was thinking I like you,” he quips, before taking a reluctant bite.

After the TikToker declared that fairy bread is a big ‘no’, he was quickly put in place by Australians who defended the popular snack.


"That is an Australian iconic staple dish sir. HOW dare you!!!” one TikToker wrote.

“Listen, mate. You should know I side with you like 99.99% of the time, but I will not have my culture disrespected like this!” added a second.

“As an Australian I’m offended,” another chimed in, with a fourth adding: “FAIRY BREAD IS TOP TIER”.

“Mate that is an Australian delicacy. It’s a crime for you to diminish it,” remarked another.

“How dare you not like our beautiful dish it’s a gourmet meal!” an outraged TikToker added.

Two images of Alessio Pasini eating fairy bread
The TikToker couldn't believe what he was being forced to eat. Photo: TikTok/thepasinis

On the other hand, many TikTokers admitted that they found the idea of fairy bread to be ‘disgusting’ and ‘nasty’.

“That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen,” one person wrote.

“I had an Australian friend who told me about this and I was horrified,” another chimed in.

“I’ve never seen this done. It’s a no for me!” added a third.

L: TikToker Alicia Dougherty holding up bread and sprinkles. R: Fairy bread
TikTok influencer Alicia Dougherty recently shocked with her version of fairy bread. Photo: TikTok/doughertydozen

Aussies 'offended' by US mum's version of fairy bread

This comes after another TikToker was slammed for 'butchering' fairy bread.

Alicia Dougherty, who posts on social media under the Dougherty Dozen, created the monstrosity during a partnership with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

The American mum demonstrated her version of fairy bread, choosing to cut the bread in half before scooping on a generous helping of the brown Cinnamon Toast Crunch spread.

She covered the triangles with a layer of sprinkles, leaving many Aussies outraged by the ‘butchered’ snack.

“As an Australian I’m both offended and disgusted by her actions in this video,” one person wrote.

“I am disgusted as an Australian, ruined a perfectly good snack. BUTTER ALICIA BUTTER,” a second exclaimed.

“How in the hell could anyone f**k up fairy bread?” another asked.

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