Aussies 'offended' by US mum's version of fairy bread: 'Disgusted'

A TikTok influencer has been slammed online by irate Aussies, after she attempted to make ‘fairy bread’.

Alicia Dougherty, who posts on social media under the Dougherty Dozen, created the monstrosity during a partnership with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

L: TikTok star Alicia Dougherty holds up sprinkles and white bread. R: Fairy bread made with cinnamon spread
TikTok influencer Alicia Dougherty has shocked Aussies with her fairy bread. Photo: TikTok/doughertydozen

Showing her fans how she makes an ‘after school snack for her 12 kids’, the influencer made a celery stick snack called ants on a log, fairy bread, and apple smiles.

Fairy bread is usually made by buttering white bread, adding sprinkles and then cutting it into triangles.


The American mum demonstrated her version of fairy bread, choosing to cut the bread in half before scooping on a generous helping of the brown Cinnamon Toast Crunch spread.

L: Alicia Dougherty cuts white bread into triangles. R: Sprinkles being put on the bread.
People were horrified by the brown spread. Photo: TikTok/doughertydozen

She covered the triangles with a layer of sprinkles, leaving many Aussies outraged by the ‘butchered’ snack.

“As an Australian I’m both offended and disgusted by her actions in this video,” one person wrote.

“I am disgusted as an Australian, ruined a perfectly good snack. BUTTER ALICIA BUTTER,” a second exclaimed.

“How in the hell could anyone f**k up fairy bread?” another asked.

“So excited to see fairy bread on there until it was butchered. White bread. Butter. Sprinkles. No substitutions allowed,” added a fourth.

Others couldn’t get over how unappetising the cinnamon spread looked.

“Smeared baby poop with a crazy amount of sprinkles on top. I get trying new fun things but it’s always to excess,” a person wrote.

“It bothered me too much that she sliced the bread first before putting the poop looking spread on it,” another added.

“Excuse me while I go vomit,” a third chimed in.

L: A snack tray with crackers and fairy bread. R: Tubs of Cinnamon Toast Crunch creamy cinnamon spread
The mum was promoting Cinnamon Toast Crunch's creamy cinnamon spread. Photo: TikTok/doughertydozen

Some fans also criticised the mum of 12 for feeding her children ‘too much sugar’.

“Way too much food for a snack and way too much sugar for a full day!” a concerned mum said.

“It’s definitely cute but wouldn’t let my kids eat that,” added a mum.

“That’s just crazy and totally unnecessary, apple, grapes and maybe a small sandwich etc is all they need,” another advised.

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