TikToker calls out bakery for major anniversary cake fail: 'Dying at this'

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she posted a video revealing the disastrous cake she received from a bakery that looked nothing like the one she had ordered.

Megan, an Irish nurse, wanted to surprise her parents with a cake in the shape of a '30' to celebrate their milestone anniversary, but the finished product left them less than impressed.

TikToker Megan holding a birthday cake.
A TikToker has gone viral after she shared photos of her disastrous cake fail. Photo: Instagram/meganturner7

In the video, Megan shows a reference photo of what she was hoping for - a beautifully shaped number cake with white frosting, intricate piping and decorations.

However, the cake she received barely resembled the number 30, with the ‘3’ looking more like a sideways M and the ‘0’ left without a hole in the middle, and featured simpler decorations.


“What I asked for V what I got,” she captioned the TikTok, which followed the popular trend of failed ‘expectations versus reality’ situations.

Megan also used the hashtags ‘cakefail’ and ‘gowrong’, as well as laughing emojis which suggest that she isn’t too upset about the mishap.

Two cakes in the shape of '30'.
The 30th-anniversary cake she received looked nothing like the one she wanted. Photos: TikTok/meganturner75

‘Worse than I thought’

The video has since racked up over 1.7 million views since it was posted earlier this week and has received a number of shocked comments.

“I'd be asking for my money back,” one person wrote, while another said, “I don't even want that for free”.

“As a cake maker, I am dying at this,” a third laughed.

“How can they get it wrong?! It’s one of the simpler designs,” someone else remarked, followed by another who added, “Omg it’s far worse than I thought”.

“It looks like it was a lowercase ‘m’ and they kinda patched up the gaps in the arches to try to make it look like a 3,” a different user suggested. “Who knows what they were on?!”

Others were more positive about the end result and pointed out that there was now more cake to eat.

“She didn’t want to waste your cake for you,” one user laughed, with another writing, “Am I the only one that was like well it's sad but hey more cake”.

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