The Voice's Lachie Gill reveals Sonia Kruger's X-rated comment while filming

'I worked out that was just Sonia, she loves it.'

The Voice 2022 winner Lachie Gill has revealed a surprisingly racy comment Sonia Kruger made while filming the reality show.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle at the 2023 ARIA Awards on Wednesday, the singer-songwriter shared that he had a hilarious encounter with the popular TV host that has “stuck” with him for the past year and a half.

The Voice winner Lachie Gill / Sonia Kruger.
The Voice champion Lachie Gill reveals a surprising comment Sonia Kruger made while filming the show. Photos: Yahoo / Instagram/soniakruger

“It wasn’t really to the public. It was something that Sonia Kruger said when she was on the show, and I don’t know if it’s PG if I can share it, but it’s stuck with me for a year and a half,” he detailed.

“She had a very short dress on and she said, ‘Both ends are smiling tonight’. And I was just shocked, but I worked out that was just Sonia, she loves it.”


Sonia has become quite well known for her raunchy sense of humour in recent years, with a number of her X-rated comments making headlines across the country.

During her Gold Logie campaign in July, the 57-year-old left The Morning Show hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies stunned when she made a joke about her campaign slogan ‘Onya Sonia’.

“[Onya Sonya] was better than my school campaign, which was ‘Sonia, Sonia, Let Me Onya’,” she remarked.

She also joked on Dancing with the Stars last year that her safe word is “harder” before asking the audience: “Did I go too far then? I think I did!”

The Voice's Sonia Kruger wearing a short dress.
Sonia has become quite well known for her raunchy sense of humour in recent years. Photo: Instagram/soniakruger

'Sonia Kruger is my idol'

Sonia has previously said she prefers to keep things light-hearted with her sense of humour, telling Digital Spy: “I don't like it when life is taken too seriously - it makes me uncomfortable.

“When you take yourself too seriously, you're in a very dangerous place,” she continued. “[Then] it is about ego. I'm the kind of person who, at a funeral, will make some stupid joke because it's all a bit heavy.”


Fans on social media have praised Sonia for her quick wit and hilarious commentary, with one person tweeting: “Sonia Kruger is my idol! Her wicked sense of humour comes to the forefront on @dancingau and I have to say, it’s what I’ve missed in her other hosting gigs!”

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