Sonia Kruger's X-rated comment stuns on DWTS: 'Too far?'

Dancing With the Stars: All Stars presenter Sonia Kruger left viewers surprised on Sunday night when she made an X-rated joke.

Speaking with Kris Smith and his dance partner Siobhan Power after their performance, the 56-year-old questioned how the model's knees were after doing the complex dance.

Sonia Kruger on DWTS
Sonia Kruger left Sunday night's Dancing With the Stars audiences surprised when she shared a racy piece of info. Photo: Seven

"How are your knees, by the way? Do you have a safe word in case things go wrong, like pineapple, or Daryl?" she joked. "Because my safe word is 'harder'."


A stunned Kris laughed with the crowd with Sonia asking the cameras, "Did I go too far then? I think I did!"

One fan loved the hilarious moment, taking to Twitter to write, "Your safe word and continual ribbing of Todd were definitely the highlights of the evening.

"We need more of this on Aussie TV and less of the woke PC nonsense we're usually fed. Keep it up, Sonia!"

Others commented on her Instagram account, with one writing, "I just loveeeeee the one liners lol. Sonia has me in stitches PS oh the dancing is great too lol."

"You're hilarious Sonia," another agreed.

Many others marvelled at how amazing Sonia looked on the show, with one user joking, "Puts down wine, starts work out."

Sonia Kruger DWTS
On Instagram, Sonia's followers marvelled at how great she looked. Photo: Instagram/Sonia Kruger

"I love the blue eyeliner! You are stunning," another added.

"Hey can I borrow some of that fountain of youth water you keep in the fridge," a third joked.

"Is it too late to grow up and be you?" another said.

"Always beautiful 🔥🔥🔥🔥," someone else wrote, while another added, "Those pins 😍."

"Breathtakingly beautiful as always Sonia," one person also wrote.

Ricki-Lee also had fans stunned with her outfit for the evening, which appeared to be quite risqué.

Rickie-Lee Coulter
Rickie-Lee also stunned with her outfit. Photo: Instagram/Ricki-Lee Coulter

While the gown actually featured skin-toned cutouts to protect her modesty, it appeared on camera that she was only wearing straps of fabric around her chest.

Shortly after Ricki-Lee shared snaps of the racy outfit on Instagram, where she described herself as “a human emoji” in reference to the woman dancing in a red dress, she was inundated with compliments from her followers.

“This lewk is everything,” reality TV star Angie Kent wrote, followed by Vanessa Amorosi who commented, “Insanely beautiful”.

“You look incredible. Beautiful dress. Well done,” one fan replied, while someone else said, “This outfit is HOT HOT HOT”.

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