The Voice's Lachie Gill spills on Home and Away 'cameo' and joining the series

EXCLUSIVE: The singer-songwriter opens up about his recent Summer Bay appearance.

Just over a year after winning The Voice, Lachie Gill made a surprising cameo in another popular Channel Seven series.

The singer-songwriter’s emotional single ‘Hate That You Hurt’ recently appeared in a promo for Home and Away, which he tells Yahoo Lifestyle was a “very cool feeling”.

Lachie Gill in the Yahoo studio.
Lachie Gill says it was ‘very cool’ having his song feature in a Home and Away promo. Photo: Yahoo

“That was super strange,” he shares. “I had been given a heads up that it was going to be on there, but I didn't realise it was going to be on the advert.

“I thought it was going to be in one of the shows and you'd hear at once and be happy with that, but it was on the advert and it just kept playing. So I think I watched the ad maybe five or six times by accident just from having Channel Seven on.”


Lachie adds that the milestone was even more special because he is friends with actress Jacqui Purvis who starred in the promo.

“I've met her a few times just through all the music and events and things, so it was cool to see that she was the main character in the ad,” he remarks. “So I messaged her being like, ‘How cool’s this!’. So yeah, super special.”

'Acting is a different beast'

While there have been a number of musicians who have joined Home and Away over the years, including Matt Evans who arrived in Summer Bay shortly after competing on The Voice in 2020, Lachie admits he’s unsure if acting is something he wants to pursue.

“I have spoken to Matt about it actually. Not because I wanted to, I just asked him about it and I’m pretty good mates with him now so we were chatting about it,” he details.

“But acting is a different beast, I don't think I'm cut out to be an actor. I mean, I did a little bit on The Voice, but I don't think I did enough to make me want to commit to an acting career. I think I’ll just do the music for now.”


After winning The Voice’s eleventh season last year, Lachie is currently gearing up to release his debut original EP ‘Write It Out’ on November 17.

“I feel like although it's been a year and a half since the show, it's all happened very quick. But I'm super excited for it,” he says.

“This sort of music makes sense for me and I'm glad we got the songs into one project because it's a very good showcase of the sort of music that I'll continue to do for a long time.”

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