The Morning Show hosts stunned by Sonia Kruger's X-rated comment

The Voice host Sonia Kruger left Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies in fits of laughter ahead of the Logies.

Sonia Kruger appeared on The Morning Show on Wednesday morning to encourage viewers to vote for her for the TV WEEK Gold Logie, with the awards set to take place on Sunday night.

Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur asked Sonia to chat about her "Onya Sonia campaign" ahead of the awards show, with The Voice host leaving them both stunned with her response.

Sonia Kruger on The Morning Show
Sonia Kruger left The Morning Show's Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies stunned on Wednesday morning after making an X-rated comment. Photo: Seven

"Which was better than my school campaign, which was 'Sonia, Sonia, Let Me Onya'," she said cheekily.

As the hosts dissolved into fits of laughter, Kylie asked, "How did that work out for you?"


"Didn't go down well," Sonia responded.

"Onya Sonia, far more appropriate for 2023, I would have thought!" Kylie joked, adding Sonia has a lot of support from people like Home and Away's Emily Weir and Dancing With The Stars' Phil Burton, who have been wearing T-shirts with the slogan.

The Morning Show's Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies
Larry and Kylie were in hysterics over the comment. Photo: Seven
Reads 'TV Week Logies 2023' on a black and gold background with a close up image of Hamish Blake, Sonia Kruger and Ray Meagher
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Sonia then handed Larry a pair of boxer shorts with 'Onya Sonia' written on the back, with the presenter joking that the Logie wasn't printed on the front of the shorts as she'd hoped.

The host put the shorts on over his pants and joked that he felt self-conscious in them because the microphone packs were making him look odd.

"That's not square hernias, everyone, that's a mic pack!," he said.

"Larry's given me the a**!" Sonia said with a laugh, who added that Larry should wear them on the red carpet on Sunday night.


"But make sure they're over the top [of the pants] like this, because if people are seeing them and you're wearing them as they are designed to be worn that's not going to be good at midnight," Kylie told him.

"Oh it will be great at midnight, Kylie! I think it'll be like, 'Onya Lazza!'" he joked, with Sonia agreeing.

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