'Pathetic': The Voice viewers slam Guy Sebastian's 'unfair' battle

Marni Dixit
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Things got particularly heated on The Voice on Sunday night with Kelly Rowland walking off stage after an argument with fellow judge Guy Sebastian.

Kelly was fuming while watching Guy's team members Bukhu Ganburged and Johnny Manuel perform an "unfair" song with the Mongolian-Australian throat singer and the musical theatre singer performing Earth Song by Michael Jackson.

Guy Sebastian The Voice
Fans have slammed Guy Sebastian for choosing an 'unfair' song for Bukhu Ganburged and Johnny Manuel on Sunday night. Photo: Nine

The argument kicked off with judge Delta Goodrem saying she believed the song only suited Johnny's voice and not Bukhu, something Kelly quickly agreed with.

Delta said: "I mean, I'm trying to work out, because – firstly, clearly Johnny, you're in the zone, it was flawless what you were doing. The only thing I was struggling with was I was trying to understand how this was a battle. Because it felt like Bukhu was your backing player.

"Bukhu, I didn't get to hear any of your vocals that I heard, that I know we all turned around for in the Blinds and I didn't at all feel it was fair. So, I'm confused how Bukhu felt in that situation because he was backing you. And that's it, and that's not a battle and that's not fair."

Delta Goodrem The Voice
Delta Goodrem told the singers she didn't think their performance was a battle and that it wasn't fair. Photo: Nine

When asked if she agreed, Kelly said: "I do agree, Johnny the way you performed that was so beautiful... It's so unfortunate because I feel like it takes away from both of you in this moment, because Johnny can't just relish in this incredible moment."

Kelly told Guy that she took that moment away from Johnny because she chose a song where Bukhu was only backing up.

To which Guy responded: "You guys have lost your minds."

Kelly explained that the battles weren't meant to create great moments, but instead showcase vocal strength.

Kelly Rowland The Voice
Kelly Rowland told Guy that she took that moment away from Johnny because she chose a song where Bukhu was only backing up. Photo: Nine

"Right now we are in a battle and it is about giving a song that is fair to both artists. That's it," she said.

The argument continued with Kelly choosing to walk off the stage, saying: "I just feel like this is becoming redundant and I'm not going to do this."

And social media users agreed with her with one user writing: "Honestly, sidelining a singer who represents a different culture/style and putting them in the background of a more western style singer feels extremely discriminatory. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Poor show Guy."

Another added: "Delta is 100% right. I don't think the song choice was the issue, it was the arrangement. There simply wasn't a fair opportunity for both singers to shine..."

"It’s not hard to just give Bhuku lines, Guy!!! Yes we wanted to hear Bhuku sing more,” another fan said.

Watch the full exchange here:

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