Delta Goodrem roasted over 'filthy' fail on The Voice

Delta Goodrem has landed herself in an embarrassing situation after a bizarre stunt on The Voice backfired and left her a little more exposed than she intended.

During last night’s blind auditions Delta and Boy George vied for the opportunity to coach Nathan Issac, an artist whose rendition of You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by 1980’s band Dead or Alive blew the audience away.

Delta Goodrem and Kelly Rowland prop bare feet on podium the The Voice stunt
Delta and Kelly's stunt backfired when viewer's zeroed in on Delta's dirty soles. Photo: Nine

While trying to convince the star in the making to pick him as a coach, Boy George cut Delta off mid-sentence, arguing his notoriety as a star from the same era that birthed the smash hit song, gave him the right to pitch first.

Delta jokingly sulked while George spoke and, joined by Kelly Rowland, propped her bare feet up on the podium while she waited for her turn to speak.

The stunt somewhat backfired, however, after viewers noticed that in place of a glamorous heel, the judge was sporting a very dirty pair of soles, perfectly positioned in the centre of the camera’s lens.

Guy Sebastian adds bare foot to Delta Goodrem Kelly Rowland's bare feet on podium joke on The Voice
Some viewers hated the stunt, regardless of how clean everyone's trotter were. Photo: Nine

Fans lose it over hilarious foot fail

Many took to Twitter, finding the mishap hysterical, given Delta’s usual perfectly primped exterior.

“Delta’s feet are filthy,” one pointed out.

Another argued that she should have at least given them a once over before rudely propping them up on the podium.

Another wondered why the successful artist hadn’t included a pedicure in her sure-to-be generous weekly budget.

Yet another couched his criticism in a compliment, of sorts.

Others simply thought the stunt was rude, regardless of the state of anyone’s feet.

In the end, it was all for nothing as the talent 23-year-old Nathan opted for the 1980’s pop royalty over the Aussie star.

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