Viewers blow up over The Voice cheating scandal

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  • Kelly Rowland
    Kelly Rowland
    American singer, songwriter, actress
  • Guy Sebastian
    Australian singer-songwriter

Kelly Rowland and Guy Sebastian found themselves in a heated clash on last night’s episode of The Voice with a ‘cheating scandal’ seeing the show’s producer forced to intervene.

The ‘breach of the rules’ came after a powerful performance from Wolf Winters, who sang a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s hit The Sound of Silence.

Guy Sebastian thought the performance was so good he turned his chair, even though his team by that stage was technically already full.

The voice cheating scandal guy sebastian kelly rowland
Kelly called out Guy on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

The unexpected move shocked the audience and the other judges, especially Kelly, who was the only one left with a spot to fill on her team.

“Wait, you can’t do that! You’re full, you can’t have this man anyway,” she called out.

To which Guy clapped back: “I just can’t believe you didn’t turn around for that!”

Kelly didn’t take kindly to Guy telling her who she should be picking for her team and called out: “You’re cheating. You are cheating.”

That forced the shows’s executive producer, Leigh Aramberri, to step in to try and resolve the situation.

The voice executive producer, Leigh Aramberri, had to step in
The shows’s executive producer had to step in to resolve the situation. Photo: Channel Nine

The bumble meant Wolf would potentially have to be told he in fact wasn’t going through, until the judges agreed Guy can have him on his team and has to eliminate two contestants in the next round to make up for it.

Viewers however weren’t impressed Guy was able to bend the rules and took to social media to share their frustration.

“That’s not fair,” one person wrote.

“You can’t do that Guy,” another agreed.

There were plenty of people on Kelly’s side saying she shouldn’t be forced to choose someone she didn’t want on her team.

On person even suggested she should have been able to choose a member from Guy’s team.

But others took to Twitter to defend Guy’s controversial move saying Wolf’s voice was worth it.

“I’m glad Guy was allowed to keep him,” one person wrote.

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