The Voice grand finale: The surprising detail fans completely missed

'People at home wouldn’t have even noticed.'

The Voice fans were left surprised during Sunday night’s grand finale when coach Guy Sebastian pointed out an odd detail in one of the performances that went largely unnoticed online.

18-year-old landscaper Ethan Beckton, who was the finalist from Jason Derulo’s team, received enormous praise on social media after singing Ed Sheeran’s Eyes Closed.

The Voice’s Ethan Beckton singing / Guy Sebastian.
The Voice’s Guy Sebastian pointed out a surprising detail in Ethan Beckton’s final performance. Photos: Channel Seven

However, what viewers didn’t realise was that he had accidentally messed up some of the lyrics in the pre-chorus and merged two separate lines.

“I pictured this year a little bit different, I feel the lump form in my throat,” he sang, combining the first and last line of the pre-chorus.

Guy was the one to point out the blunder when sharing his feedback but commended Ethan for continuing with the performance.


“There was one point in that performance where there was a little bit of a word thing or something happened, and I saw your face and you didn’t even flinch,” he said. “You just moved on, and that just shows how much you’ve grown.

“People at home wouldn’t have even noticed that you sort of lapsed the words a little bit, so big ups to you, well done.”

Ethan admitted he had stumbled in the performance but “hoped” viewers didn’t notice his mistake.

The Voice 2023 winner announced

While Guy Sebastian’s contestant Charlie Pittman was tipped to take out the crown, it was Rita Ora’s finalist Tarryn Stokes who won this year’s season of the singing competition,

The 40-year-old mum-of-two received $100,000 prize money and a recording contract with Universal Music Australia.

“I feel like The Voice has actually changed my life,” she said following the announcement. “It feels amazing, going from The Blinds to being in the Grand Finale and somehow believing that I can do this, it’s just thanks to Rita for believing in me.”


Her coach Rita Ora, who has now won the competition two years in a row, said: “Are you kidding me? You did this. You did this! It’s just incredible, you’re incredible, please answer my phone calls once in a while and just remember this is just the start. I’m so happy for you, well done Australia; thank you so much.”

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