The Voice's Guy Sebastian details moment Jules Sebastian 'broke his heart' before their marriage

Guy Sebastian has opened up about his split from Jules Sebastian before he shot to fame on Australian Idol.

The Voice judge Guy Sebastian has opened up about the moment his now wife Jules ‘broke his heart’ early in their relationship.

Appearing on Sunrise, the 41-year-old I Chose Good singer revealed that when he was 21 and before he won Australian Idol, he and Jules broke up.

Guy Sebastian on Sunrise
The Voice's Guy Sebastian has detailed the moment his now wife Jules Sebastian broke his heart. Photo: Sunrise

“I didn’t think we would get back together,” Guy told Sunrise hosts Natalie Barr and Matt Shirvington.

“I was 18 when we first got together, and I think I was 21 (when we broke up), and she kind of broke my heart.


“She broke up with me, and then Idol happened, and I moved to Sydney, and I didn’t think we’d get back together. I wasn’t sure.

“But you live a little bit of life, then you realise, ‘Oh, my gosh, I had so much history, she always loved me for me.’

“She’s always been the same.”

Guy Sebastian with Nat Barr and Matt Shirvington
Guy appeared on Sunrise to promote his new single, I Chose Good. Photo: Sunrise
Guy Sebastian and wife Jules Sebastian in a selfie together
Guy and Jules got together when they were just 18. Photo: Instagram/ Guy Sebastian

He went on to reveal that he’s the only boyfriend Jules has ever had, saying it’s a positive because she “hasn’t got some other beautiful Latin lover or something to compare me to... or a Matt Shirvington”.

A laughing Matt said he understood exactly what Guy was talking about, having met his wife when they were just teenagers.

“There is something about it, because my wife and I, Jess, we had the same type of relationship,” the co-host said.

“So there’s a purity to it, there’s a magic about it, and you grow together; not just be together, you grow together.”

Guy agreed, saying there’s something special about knowing “each other’s childhood and where you both came from”.

Guy Sebastian and Jules Sebastian
Guy previously revealed the moment his now-wife Jules broke up with him when they first started dating and how it 'devastated' him. Photo: Instagram/Guy Sebastian

'Rubbish boyfriend'

Back in August, Guy appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, telling Jackie 'O' Henderson and newsreader Brooklyn Ross that Jules broke up with him because he was a "rubbish boyfriend".

"I grew up pretty sheltered and was a bit weird," he said.

"I was obsessed with sport, I was travelling, doing music and stuff like that... at the time I was at uni and studying medical radiation, so I was either studying really hard, massively into sport... I just didn't prioritise her. She was a mate more than a girlfriend. So she dumped me. I was devastated and gutted."

Guy and Jules Sebastian
Guy and Jules have been together for many years, with Jules breaking things off for a short period when she was 22 and he was 20. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)
Guy and Jules Sebastian in a family photo with their sons
The couple share two sons together. Photo: Instagram/Guy Sebastian

The singer added that after the split, he couldn't eat because he was so upset, saying that they gave each other space for a little while before quickly realising they both missed each other.

Guy said he "felt lonely" during their time apart, with Brooklyn jokingly asking if he had a "manw***e" moment, to which the singer said, "I had my moment."

The pair went on to marry in 2008 and now share two sons together, Hudson, 11, and Archie, nine.

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