The Voice fans outraged over 'awful' new Knockouts round: 'Bulls***'

If fans of The Voice thought the new 'Cut' segment was brutal, they were definitely not happy about the speedy new take on 'The Knockout' rounds.

Viewers took to social media after Sunday night's first round of 'The Knockouts', slamming the revamped format of the show as 'awful' after six more singers were sent home after just one performance.

the voice coach guy sebastian
Guy Sebastian had to cut three more artists from his team in The Knockouts. Photo: Channel 7

Keith Urban and Guy Sebastian’s top five artists had to sing for a spot in the Semi-Final, before the coaches had to cut another three performers from each of their teams.

Guy decided to take Bella Taylor-Smith and Jordan Fuller through to the finale, while Keith chose Arlo Sim and Lau Abend.

But fans weren't thrilled the contestants were being sent home so quickly, with one person even calling the new speed of the show "bulls***".

"Who agreed to this format!! This years talent is way too good to have this many cuts #TheVoiceAU," was one comment on Twitter.


"New knockout format on #TheVoiceAU is awful.. to this point it had been great. Now just too predictable," another wrote.

"I don't understand this new format. Is it just for the sake of being brutal? Coaches wanna see more confidence, emotion, self belief etc yet this format rushes all that and doesn't give the singers the opportunity to get there. I bet a lot of viewers are unhappy #TheVoiceAU," was another response.

the voice Bella Taylor-Smith
Bella Taylor-Smith was one of the lucky two to go through on Guy's team. Photo: Channel 7

One person said the new format had "just ruined" the show for them, writing: "Shame on you Channel 7, shame on you!"

While another asked: "Why did the blinds go on for ages but this part feels rushed? This format is a bit sh*t."

Fans had already lashed out after the introduction of 'The Cut', which saw the teams reduced from more than 10 people to just five, with many calling the segment 'unfair'.

“This format doesn’t allow for us to connect with the contestants. Couldn’t care less who wins when people are dumped after a 10 second sound bite,” one person wrote.

"The ‘cut’ was grossly unfair and terrible TV. So disappointing for viewers," another agreed.

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