The Project's Steve Price slammed after erupting over Australia Day change: 'Irrelevant'

"Bugger off and let us get on with Australia Day."

The Project's Steve Price has been slammed after he erupted over supermarkets refusing to sell Australia Day merch. The panellist was left infuriated by the move by Woolworths, Big W, Aldi and Kmart, who will not be selling Australia Day merch in the lead-up to January 26. His comments come after Opposition Leader Peter Dutton also called for a boycott of Woolworths following the supermarket giant's decision.

First Nations peoples consider January 26 to be a day of mourning and not a day of celebration as it was the day Britain invaded Indigenous land. Many Australians stand with them and have been calling for the date to be changed to another day that everyone can celebrate.

The Project's Steve Price
The Project's Steve Price has been slammed after erupting over supermarkets refusing to sell Australia Day merch. Photo: Ten

This year marks the 30th year that Australia Day has been celebrated on January 26, despite many believing it has been that way forever.

"Here we go again, more woke lecturing from corporate Australia," a clearly infuriated Steve said. "I mean, you think they would have learned their lesson during the (Indigenous) Voice campaign, where 60 per cent of Australians said no to that.

"And all of these big corporates were tossing money in there and running ads. Now Woolies comes out and says if I want to go into Big W and buy a bucket hat in the shape of an Australian flag, I can’t. Well, that’s just dumb."


Georgie Tunny then questioned whether he thought it was just a reflection of how Australians feel about the day and "changing attitudes".

"Well clearly I don’t. No. Australia Day is Australia Day on the 26th of January," he said, fuming, as Georgie told him the day doesn't have to be that date.

"Well, it is. Until the government says it’s not, it is," he hit back. "And there are millions of Australians who actually reflect on that day and enjoy it. New Australians, who’ve got their citizenship.

"You’ve got 80 dumb councils in Victoria refusing to even make Victorians who are new migrants to this country Australians on that day."

Georgie tried to explain that "a huge proportion" of people want the date changed, with Steve angrily shutting her down and speaking over the top of her, claiming 65 per cent of Australians want the date to stay the same.

He added that while he didn't believe people would boycott Woolworths over the move, the company, which is South African-owned, should "bugger off and let us get on with Australia Day".

As Georgie and Hamish Macdonald attempted to share other information, he shut them down, saying, "I'm proud to be Australian, thank you."

'Irrelevant and out of touch'

The Project viewers were quick to hit out at the panellist, with one user writing on Instagram, "Every time Steve Price opens his mouth, he shows how irrelevant and out of touch he is."

"Why is this man still given air time?" another questioned.

"How is choosing to not stock a particular product a definition of being dictated to?!" a third questioned. "Woolies stopped stocking the chips I like — so I went to Coles. I applaud Woolies and Aldi. This is a huge step in the direction of reconciliation AND a win for the environment."

"Steve is proof that being older doesn’t inherently make you wiser…" someone else added.

Georgie Tunny and Hamish Macdonald on The Project
The Project's Georgie Tunny and Hamish Macdonald attempted to reason with Steve, but he wasn't having any of it, even talking over Georgie. Photo: Ten

"Yes dear, because nothing says Australia better than waving about cheap plastic made in China," another said.

"The public holiday has only been around for 30 years, we need to change the date because the dude in power that chose this date did so without any consultation & it’s been an issue ever since," one user shared.

"I’d rather be woke than be racist," another said. "Why is being ‘woke’ thrown around as a derogatory term? What’s the alternative? Seems far worse to me!"


Some users slammed The Project, with one user writing, "@theprojecttv the fact that you, yet again, had a panel of non-Indigenous people discussing Invasion Day is the reason I’ve stopped watching.

"Steve needs to remember that more than 6 million Australians voted yes in the referendum, and want to make changes to improve outcomes for First Nations communities."

Others pointed out that it's also highly likely that people weren't buying those products, which is why Woolies and Aldi have taken them from their shelves.

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