The Project host unleashes on Kyle Sandilands: 'Grubby buffoon'

"Kyle’s a grubby buffoon, and I don’t think grubby buffoons work in Melbourne."

The Project's Steve Price unleashed on Kyle Sandilands on Wednesday night, calling him a 'grubby buffoon' during a discussion about the KIIS FM radio host's new $200m deal.

Kyle and his co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson signed a deal with KIIS to continue hosting The Kyle and Jackie O Show for ten years, with the show also being syndicated to Melbourne, replacing current hosts Jason Hawkins and Lauren Phillips.

The Project's Steve Price
The Project's Steve Price has unleashed on Kyle Sandilands, calling him a 'grubby buffoon', adding he 'won't work in Melbourne'. Photo: Ten

On Wednesday, Lauren tearfully told her listeners that she and Jason "didn't have a choice" and that they "don't want to say goodbye".

Steve, who is also a radio host, shared that he agreed Kyle and Jackie were "certainly worth $200 million", but slammed the idea that they could broadcast in Melbourne.


"If you are successful, they will pay you the big money," he said, adding, "Kyle’s a grubby buffoon, and I don’t think grubby buffoons work in Melbourne. I probably shouldn’t call him a grubby buffoon. He’s just a grub."

Steve added that his comments were in relation to Kyle's tendency to steer conversations in an explicit way.

Kyle Sandilands
Kyle Sandilands and his co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson signed a $200m deal to stay with KIIS FM for ten years. Photo: KIIS FM

"Melbourne will not embrace the style of that program as it is right now," he told the panel. "Some of the sexually explicit material is off-putting. Sarah [Harris] would know better than anyone else on that panel that it’s school drop-off time for kids.

"You don’t want people talking about anal sex at breakfast time, in my view. That’s what they do on that show."

"Or at dinner time on national television either, Steve," Waleed Aly joked.

"I can’t downplay the content of the show, that’s what it’s like," Steve said. "And Melbourne people are not going to embrace that. Look, the company that is putting them on the air has a different view to that, and I may be proven to be completely wrong, but that doesn’t happen very often."

Steve Price on The Project
Steve slammed Kyle, saying he wasn't the right fit for Melbourne. Photo: Ten

When Sarah questioned why the hosts are so popular, Steve responded" "Well lack of competition, perhaps, would be one reason. They’ve been there a long time; that’s huge in radio. The people who’ve been most successful in Sydney radio have been there a long time."

The idea that Kyle will be in his 60s by the time the contract ends sparked the idea that perhaps the show's 'smutty' content would decrease, however, Steve disagreed that it would.


"Kyle seems to be ageless. I don’t know how with that unhealthy lifestyle he has. But he doesn’t seem to age much. So perhaps he can, at 62, still be (telling these jokes)," Steve said. "You can’t imagine he’s going to be appealing to the 18-28-year-old demographic that the radio station is paying him to drag in. I find that really puzzling."

Brendan Fevola, who hosts Fifi, Fev and Nick on Melbourne's Fox FM, said earlier this year that Kyle and Jackie O wouldn't be the right fit for the Victorian capital, saying, "That's not the right DNA."

"That's a Sydney show. Surely they're not coming to Melbourne … What the hell?" he added.

"You should be in Melbourne when you're broadcasting to Melbourne," co-host Fifi Box added.

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