The Project's Kate Langbroek shocks with bizarre kangaroo confession

'Every crew member is wrapping us right now.'

The Project viewers were in stitches during Tuesday night’s broadcast when Kate Langbroek admitted she was attracted to male kangaroos.

The bizarre topic of conversation came up after the panel discussed the mating habits of saltwater crocodiles and revealed that their “love language” is hissing, blowing bubbles and spouting water from their noses.

A male kangaroo / The Project’s Kate Langbroek.
The Project’s Kate Langbroek surprised her co-stars when she admitted she was attracted to male kangaroos. Photos: Getty / Channel 10

“You know what though? Kangaroos, male kangaroos, are extremely manly-looking and quite attractive,” she remarked.

The in-studio audience then applauded Kate’s candid admission, which left the other panellists baffled.

“Why are you clapping? Why is the audience clapping that?” Sam Taunton asked.

“Because people have seen them and they know they’re hot and they’ve got a six-pack,” Kate replied. “They’re amazing. And that picture of one just lying there like, ‘Come and get it, baby’, I’m like, ‘Ooh’.”

“Every crew member is wrapping us right now,” Sam joked.


While Kate’s colleague might not have agreed with her opinion, viewers quickly took to social media to side with her.

“@katelangbroek is perfection and she is right,” one person wrote, while another added, “That was hilarious I laughed so hard!”.

“Kate you are the best thing on commercial TV right now (and always were),” a third shared, followed by someone else who said, “@katelangbroek is everything!”.

Host Sarah Harris also replied: “Kate does have a point.”

The Project host apologises to bosses for X-rated content

The hilarious on-air moment comes shortly after Sarah Harris apologised to her bosses at Channel Ten after searching for X-rated content on her work phone for another animal-related segment.

Sarah was reporting on how a Queensland crocodile farm was experiencing an earlier mating season than usual because of the vibration from the Australian Defence Force helicopters flying overhead.

“Helicopters are making the crocs horny, no easy way to say that,” Sarah said. “Experts aren't sure why, but they think the helicopter may have sounded like a thunderstorm – which can often get the reptiles feeling randy.

“I've been doing a bit of a deep dive. Apologies to Channel 10 because I've made some unsavoury searches on my work phone this afternoon.”

Waleed Aly then joked that Sarah was making up excuses, saying, “Nice cover, Sarah”.

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