Sydney Sweeney thought she was 'dying' during Anyone But You scene in Australia

"No reason we needed that spider to be real."

Sydney Sweeney has revealed she thought she was 'dying' while filming a scene in Australia for her new film Anyone But You.

The star, 26, appeared on The Project with her co-star Glen Powell, 35, with the pair sharing their least favourite parts about shooting in Sydney earlier this year.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell
Sydney Sweeney has revealed she thought she was 'dying' while filming a scene in Australia for Anyone But You. Photo: Instagram/theprojecttv

When asked about the worst moment on set, the stars agreed that it would have been great if they'd been able to shoot any underwater scenes when the water was actually warm.

"When we shot the buoy scene, we could have shot when the water was warm?" Glen said, with Sydney agreeing, saying "all the scenes" that involved water were actually very cold.


"We saved all the water scenes til the end of the movie when it was freezing," he said.

"And that was not the right decision," Sydney responded.

"And then we shot all the sand scenes when it was the hottest days in Australia," Glen added.

"And no one could stand on the sand because it was so hot," Sydney said, with her co-star describing it as "not good planning", but added that "overall it was great" and they are still fans of Australia.

Glen then pointed out that a spider bit Sydney during a scene, which the actress had previously revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


In the scene, Sydney is meant to be screaming while holding a huntsman spider, however, her screams become real when the spider begins biting her – often a huge fear for overseas visitors to Australia.

"I thought I was dying," Sydney said of the scene.

"No reason we needed that spider to be real," Glen quipped. "I flew in real jets for [Top Gun: Maverick], I was like that translates, the spider... really didn't need to be real."

Anyone But You will be released in cinemas on Boxing Day.

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