The Project: Sarah Harris' X-rated slip-up leaves co-stars shocked

A conversation about cream pies quickly turned dirty on last night's episode of The Project.

The Project's Sarah Harris and Kate Langbroek
The Project's Sarah Harris was left flustered after making a rogue comment on-air. Photo: Ten

The Project panel were left speechless after host Sarah Harris made an X-rated slip-up live on air.

The team were covering the story of a disgruntled Darwin resident who threw a cream pie in NT Chief Minister Natasha Fyles' face over the weekend when the banter took a turn.

Suzi Milgate, 56, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault on Sunday, but gave an interview after the incident where she called the alleged attack a "slight error" and downplayed the seriousness saying "How hard is fresh cream?"

Suzi Milgate cream pie
Suzi Milgate is the alleged Darwin woman who cream-pied NT Chief Minister Natasha Fyles. Photo: Ten

As The Project played her interview to laughter from the crowd, they unpacked Suzi's argument.


"I didn't know it was fresh cream, case dismissed as far as I'm concerned," co-host Sam Taunton said.

Guest host Kate Langbroek questioned why the journalist interviewing Suzi didn't one-up the offender to see how she liked a taste of her own medicine if it's just "fresh cream".

Kate's remark caused Sarah Harris to give her a sly look before remarking, "the cream comes later with you, Kate."

The Project panel were left shocked and laughing as Sarah quickly downplayed her remark, flustered by her own rogue comment.

"It's been a day!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Wow, now I understand so much more about you," Kate quipped in response, as Sam was seen burying his face.

Fans of the show were quick to laugh along in the comments after the show uploaded the video.

"You could say it was a “slight error”… The Project captioned the post.

"Love Kate Langbroek. So funny 👏," one person said.

"Love them," another said.

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