The Project's former hosts reveal major feud: 'Biggest fight'

The former hosts came to blows over questions they wanted to ask a guest.

Flared leggings are the activewear must-have for 2023Two popular former hosts of The Project have revealed they came to blows a number of times during their time on the show and detailed a major feud they once had over an interview.

Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes, who co-hosted the program from 2009 to 2013, and Charlie Pickering, who joined the same year and left in 2014, were reminiscing on Monday about their time on the show together.

Appearing on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin, Charlie revealed the pair once almost got into a physical altercation behind the scenes.

Charlie said the pair would often argue after the program while they were changing out of their suits in a hurry to get home to their families, with Hughesy adding they would have rows over who jumped on someone's joke or who said something out of line.

"But it came from, and I hope you agree, a very good place where we both just cared so much about the show," Charlie said.

Dave Hughes, Peter Helliar, Waleed Aly, Carrie Bickmore and Charlie Pickering on the panel of The Project.
Dave Hughes (left) and Charlie Pickering (right) hosted The Project together for four years. Source: Channel 10

He then revealed the worst fight the pair had ever had prior to an interview about who would ask what questions.

"I'll never forget just before just before Hughesy left the show ... we had our biggest fight," he said.

"It was enormous, and it was about what questions we were going to ask a guest who was a former high court judge who had a book coming out.

"We ended up in the office of the executive producer, Chris Walker, and it was enormous, like this fight was amazing."


He added it was an "A-grade fight" and both the hosts refused to back down.

Hughesy then interjected saying Charlie had even studied law and was a qualified lawyer.

When radio host Erin Molan asked Charlie if he "looked down" on Hughesy, he refuted to claims, saying there was nothing but respect.

Going back to the fight, Charlie admitted it almost came to "physical blows" over the book that was titled, 'What Would Gandhi Do?'.

The hosts laughed at the irony as they had seemingly put their past feud aside

It comes after comedian Jimmy Carr appeared to make a brutal jab at the current Project hosts as he appeared on the show earlier this month.

Dave Hughes and Charlie Pickering hosting The Project.
Dave Hughes and Charlie Pickering spoke about a fight they once had over what questions to ask a former high court judge. Source: Channel 10

Sarah Harris asked the comedian if he had ever written a joke that he regretted before he served the hosts a savage burn.

"I think the only thing that's really sort of off, like you couldn't talk about, is how this show was better with Charlie Pickering," Jimmy said.


The hosts lost it after the comedian made the comment and Jimmy kept poking the bear.

"No, no, but I mean, this show used to be something didn't it? Wow, when that guy was on here it was fire," he said.

Host Waleed Aly continued the jab, saying: "I agree."

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