The Project hosts left stunned after guest savages show live on-air

The Project hosts lost it over the comedian's savage burn.

A guest on The Project savaged panellists with a brutal burn while appearing on the show on Wednesday night. Comedian Jimmy Carr appeared on the news program to promote his Australian tour, saying it was the best time to visit the country as he could escape UK's winter.

While discussing his tour, Jimmy mentioned he caught up with fellow comedian Dave Chappelle, who is also in Australia. The Project host Sarah Harris then brought up cancel culture after Dave copped criticism over controversial jokes he made about the transgender community.

"I think he's probably been cancelled harder but I've got higher frequency," Jimmy told the hosts. "I think I'm on about my eighth cancellation. It's not anything."

The Project panellists were hilariously roasted by comedian Jimmy Carr. Source: The Project
The Project panellists were hilariously roasted by comedian Jimmy Carr. Source: The Project

Sarah then asked the star how he came back after being cancelled by fans.

"You don't even stop, you don't go away. The trick is to not go away and keep on gigging," he said. "I'm not for everyone, I don't know what cancelled really means these days.

"If you don't go on Twitter, it really is nothing."


Jimmy added getting 'cancelled' had never impacted his audience.

"It's fine," he said.

Sarah then asked the comedian if he had ever written a joke and come back from a gig regretting it before he served the hosts a savage burn.

"I think the only thing that's really sort of off, like you couldn't talk about, is how this show was better with Charlie Pickering," Jimmy said referring to the Aussie comedian who starred on The Project until 2014.

The hosts lost it after the comedian made the comment and Jimmy kept poking the bear.

"No, no, but I mean, this show used to be something didn't it? Wow, when that guy was on here it was fire," he said.


Host Waleed Aly continued the jab, saying: "I agree."

"We're the newbies, but yeah, Pickering's the one that really held it together it sounds like," new panellist Sam Taunton said.

"Ok guys we can move on from this general topic," Waleed said before Sarah wrapped up the interview.

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