The Project's Carrie Bickmore shocks with throwback photo

The Project host Carrie Bickmore has stunned fans with an old throwback photo to celebrate 13 years of the program.

Standing between former hosts Charlie Pickering and Dave Hughes, Carrie poses with her arms crossed while wearing tight hipster jeans and sporting a bouffant hairstyle.

"Happy 13th birthday Project," she captioned the photo. "I forgot they made zips that small."

Fans were stunned by the throwback photo, with fans and other Aussie celebrities mocking their 2009 outfits.

Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore and Dave Hughes in a throwback photo.
Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore and Dave Hughes were mocked over the throwback photo. Source: Instagram

"Was Hughesy dressed by an accountant from the 1980s?" Aussie comedian Lehmo wrote.

TV personality Grant Denyer also joined the pile on, suggesting Charlie and Hughesy borrowed suits from their dads to wear to the shoot.

"That was when fashion meant something," Hughesy commented on the post.

"Wow, the school teacher, hairdresser and accountant really made a name for themselves!" another joked.


Radio presenter and occasional host on The Project Rachel Corbett was shocked by how low Carrie's jeans were at the time.

"It barely covers your vagina," she wrote.

"And this is why low-rise jeans cannot come back," another said.

Others could not believe how much time had passed and how long we had been welcoming The Project into our living rooms.

Carrie Bickmore hosting The Project.
Carrie Bickmore has certainly changed since 2009. Source: Instagram

"2009 always feels like it just happened, until you see 2009 fashion and realise, it was A LONG time ago," one said.

"Omg this feels like it was only yesterday. Remember watching this first episode and being so proud of you," another fan commented.

Carrie has just returned to The Project after she took a three-month hiatus to travel to the UK with her family.

On her radio show, her Project co-host Peter Helliar was filling in for Tommy Little, with Carrie revealing Peter was one of the inspirations behind her choosing to go travelling for three months with her family.

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