The Project's replacement for Lisa Wilkinson revealed after Logies scandal

The replacement for Lisa Wilkinson on The Project has been revealed after she took a step back from the desk following her controversial Logies acceptance speech.

Lisa will be replaced after she flew to the US to file interviews and packaged stories for the program from Los Angeles and New York.

It was revealed she jetted off to the US after her Logies speech in June delayed the trial for the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins. reveals in her absence The Project is expected to replace Lisa on the desk with Studio 10 host Sarah Harris, radio presenter Rachel Corbett and Flash presenter Georgie Tunny.

Lisa Wilkinson on The Project.
Lisa Wilkinson has taken a step back from The Project desk. Source: Instagram

Lisa broke her silence about her surprise trip to the US with an Instagram post of her standing outside Hotel California.

She said she was in the country for some "special" interviews for The Project.

It comes following reports Lisa will not be returning to The Project in July as originally planned and will be based in the US for the coming weeks.


Lisa took a four-week break following her infamous Logies acceptance speech for Most Outstanding News Coverage or Public Affairs Report for her 2021 interview with Brittany Higgins.

Lisa Wilkinson outside Hotel California.
Lisa Wilkinson will file stories for The Project from the US. Source: Instagram

According to The Australian, Lisa's absence was due to the "high emotional 'toll'" from the speech and rather than returning to the desk, she was "quietly and securely whisked out of Australia and into Los Angeles".

The publication claims Lisa "will now make the US her base" for the coming weeks and will file interviews with A-list stars.

The trip was already planned as part of Lisa's annual leave, but her absence from the show was extended.

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