Carrie Bickmore's surprise confession about three-month trip: 'Really hard'

Carrie Bickmore returned to The Project and her radio show Carrie & Tommy on Monday after a three-month holiday in the UK and Europe with her partner Chris Walker, son Ollie and daughters Evie and Adelaide.

On her radio show, her Project co-host Peter Helliar was filling in for Tommy Little, with Carrie revealing Peter was one of the inspirations behind her choosing to go travelling for three months with her family.

Carrie Bickmore
Carrie Bickmore has shared a surprise confession, revealing that living overseas for three months was, in fact, 'really, really hard.' Photo: Ten

"You had chatted to us about how you had been overseas with your kids, and I remember you talking about that as one of the greatest times of your life, and I remember us talking about that a lot as we decided what we should do," she explained.


Peter revealed he was "envious" of the host's time off, but Carrie shared that it wasn't always easy, especially for her daughter Adelaide, three.

"It didn’t all go to plan, and there were lots of times when it was really, really hard. Living away with three kids – kids are hard enough at the best of times, and living in a new place without your support network around.

Carrie Bickmore family
Carrie went on the trip with her partner Chris Walker, son Ollie and daughters Evie and Adelaide. Photo: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore.
Carrie Bickmore daughters
Carrie said the trip was hardest on her youngest daughter Adelaide, who loves being at home thanks to growing up during the pandemic. Photo: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore

"Addy found it really hard for a long time," she confessed.

"She was a baby born around Covid times, and just likes being at home. All of a sudden we were dragging her on planes all over the world."

However, the family was already forgetting all the tough parts of the trip and remembering all the highlights.

"I asked Evie what her favourite thing about the trip was, and it was the same as mine: Picking her up from school every day. It wasn’t being at the Eiffel Tower, it was such a simple thing," Carrie shared.

Peter poked fun at her, joking, "You could’ve done it a lot cheaper and just picked her up from school. You’ve blown a fortune … how embarrassing!"

Carrie said that her teenage son also loved the simple things, "As a family, we’re often ships in the night, and he said 'I feel like I know my sisters so much better now.' It’s because we were in this tiny little place, all together, a lot, with no time apart – which comes with tension, but then you break through that."

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