Carrie Bickmore shares 'weird' Covid observation on The Project

The Project host Carrie Bickmore revealed her ‘weird’ observation about Covid-19 from when she was in the UK.

On Tuesday night, the star noted that Brits were much less worried about spreading or catching Covid than Australians, and seemed to be going about their everyday life as normal.

Waleed Aly looks at Carrie Bickmore on the set of The Project
Carrie Bickmore found it interesting that people in the UK didn't wear masks or talk about Covid. Photo: Ten

“I noticed when we were overseas no one spoke about Covid. It was really interesting,” she told her co-hosts.

“It wasn’t that Covid wasn’t there, you’d be on a packed Tube and we would wear masks because it was so weird being so close to people after all these years of being apart and people are coughing and spluttering.

“It wasn’t like there was no sickness, but no one spoke about it. I just found it really different,” she said.


In the UK, masks are not mandatory and residents are not required to isolate if they catch the disease. There are also no Covid restrictions in place, allowing people to go about daily life as they did prior to the pandemic.

Co-host Waleed Aly agreed with Carrie, and said he had also noticed this while travelling.

Carrie Bickmore poses with her family on a cruise boat
Carrie and her family recently spent three months in the UK. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

“In Europe it’s definitely like that, I was recently in America, the same thing,” he said.

He went on to explain that certain countries have lifted any isolation rules, so people are now less careful.

“They’ve made a rule that you no longer had to isolate. So then there was no point, if you got Covid or you didn’t.

“Like if one of us gets Covid, that’s seven days. You don’t want to get it, because you might have something important coming up,” he told her.

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