The Project's Tommy Little on 'infuriating' his co-stars

Like many of his fellow Melburnians, comedian and The Project panellist, Tommy Little has been making the most of post-'Freedom Day' life. The city did break the record for the world's longest Covid lockdown, after all.

"I'm still very hungover," Tommy, 36, jokes during a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle. "I forgot what drinking out of pints does to you."

Tommy Little performs on stage for his 2021 standup show, I'll See Myself Out for Amazon Prime. Photo: supplied.
Tommy Little's new standup show, I'll See Myself Out is set for release on November 5. Photo: supplied.

But after enjoying a few beers at the pub it's back to business for the multi-talented star who is set to release his latest standup show, I'll See Myself Out on Amazon Prime Video on Friday.

It just so happens to be the exact same day as his mum's birthday. Coincidence? Tommy says it is.

"It's so perfect because honestly, I had no idea it was happening [on Friday] until I got the release and I was like, 'Oh damn, that's mum's birthday.'"

According to Tommy, however, a repeat screening of his show is the last thing his dear mum wants for her birthday.

"She's seen this show once and that's enough," he laughs.

Tommy keeps his co-hosts on The Project on their toes. Photo: Instagram/mrstommylittle.
Tommy keeps his co-hosts on The Project on their toes. Photo: Instagram/mrstommylittle.

It might have a little something to do with the rather X-rated tales Tommy tells during the one-hour set. There's one about his attempts to 'spice up' his relationship with a former girlfriend that involved, well... pee. (You'll have to watch the show for the finer details.)

"My mum said to me when she came to see the show, she said 'Darling, the show was very funny and the urinating story was a particular highlight.'

"And I said 'Good on you, mum. Thank you, bless you'. And then I said, 'So you're going to watch the show on Amazon?' and she said, 'Absolutely not.'"

Co-host capers

Since joining The Project in 2014, Tommy's cheeky brand of almost-too-far-but-not-quite humour frequently leaves his co-hosts speechless.

From cycling naked through London to talking about his teenage shower habits, it's almost as thought he gets a kick out of watching the likes of Carrie Bickmore (who is also his radio co-host) and Lisa Wilkinson squirm...

Tommy and his radio co-host Carrie Bickmore. Photo: Instagram/mrstommylittle.
Tommy and his radio co-host Carrie Bickmore. Photo: Instagram/mrstommylittle.

His recent joke about South African cricketer Quinton de Kock was textbook Tommy, and left Lisa (or 'Wilco' as he likes to call her) looking less than impressed.

"She was fine. She was absolutely fine. If she was not happy, I'd be dead," Tommy deadpans. "If Wilco is not happy with you she can have you killed."

Though he does admit he might avoid adding fuel to the fire in future, after his suggestion that Lisa should 'have him fired' backfired.

"I feel like sometimes I should stop saying things after I say jokes on The Project [...] like the line 'Have him fired,' I said that about myself and yet the next day I'll see a headline that says 'Have him fired!' and I'm like 'Oh man, that's my joke'."

In his standup show, he gleefully reveals how he deliberately ignores requests (and warnings) from The Project producers that come through his earpiece on set.

So, how does he keep getting away with, in his words, "infuriating" his colleagues?

"I don't know what it is, but they keep letting me turn up. So I'm not sure; if I find out I will let you know," he says.

Tommy Little and Lisa Wilkinson on The Project. Photo: Channel 10.
Tommy's joke about a cricket player named De Kock didn't go down well with co-host Lisa Wilkinson. Photo: Channel 10.

Tommy talks The Bachelor

One thing that Aussie audiences are keen to find out is whether Tommy is planning on donning his best tux to appear on a little old dating show that rhymes with 'spatula'.

"Oh, am I gonna do Dracula?" he quips.

Tommy's name has been thrown around for several years along with a bevvy of other eligible men when it comes to The Bachelor, and all jokes aside, he admits that he won't 'rule it out'.

"I don't know. I think if you see me doing a reality show, I think you should probably know in your heart of hearts that I'm not a happy man if I'm doing it. But I've been very unhappy before, so that certainly doesn't rule it out."

The same goes for other reality TV shows, such as The Masked Singer and Celebrity MasterChef.

"I mean, again, I don't want to rule it out because who knows how desperate I'll be in the future."

I’ll See Myself Out is out on November 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

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