The Bachelor: 5 Aussie celebs we'd love to see on the show

Do you remember the 80s TV series Fantasy Island where Mr Roarke and his assistant Tattoo would bring your fantasy to life? Well given that this year's season of The Bachelor didn't go quite as well as expected, we've taken to daydreaming about who we would want to see on screen searching for his perfect woman.

And it's not just us, fans of the show are coming up with their top picks on who they'd like to watch looking for love next season.

So if Mr Roarke should ask us who should be on the show, we've collated all the answers and come up with a list of five perfect candidates that we'd happily watch dole out the roses week after week.

The funny one

Tommy Little Instagram photos
Stand-up comedian and soon to be pilot Tommy Little doesn't mind being the butt of the joke! Photo: Instagram/@mrstommylittle

Who doesn't like a man who can make you laugh? The Project's Tommy Little is used to time in the limelight and is not afraid to make jokes at his own expense. He's also almost finished his pilot training too so watch out Jimmy Nicholson.

Tommy, 34, has been rumoured to be a potential Bachie before but maybe now that he's had some time to think about it he'd be ready for the role?


However, there may be one little hiccup, finding girls he hasn't already dated as his co-stars have teased him for being a prolific dater.

"I discovered for the first time, apparently, Tommy Little has been telling us that he has been linked to two of the girls in the Bachelor house tonight," his BFF Carrie Bickmore said during Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor.

And maybe Tommy is warming to the possibility as well joking: "I feel it is a real step up for them. And they will look back at me and go, 'Can you believe we started at the bottom and now we're here?'".

The Athlete

Retired AFL player and journalist Tony Armstrong
Retired AFL player and journalist Tony Armstrong already looks the part. Photo: ABC & Instagram/@tonaaayy

Former AFL player Tony Armstrong has burst onto the radar after becoming the ABC breakfast news' sports presenter. The loveable larrikin has charmed the viewers of both the ABC and Channel 10, where he is often a guest on The Project, with his cheeky wit and friendly banter.

A proud Barranbinya man, Tony, 31, is relishing this new opportunity he's been given as a presenter after the end of his AFL career.

"I’m very careful about calling myself a role model," he told the Celebrity Whisperer. "The important thing for me is to set a really good example and to open doors by creating opportunities wherever I can for others. From my perspective, it’s about doing the best job I can for myself, which will then inspire others."

So what can he offer women vying for his heart if he was to become the Bachelor?

"I'm bit of an everyman," he told TV Week. "Playing AFL, you talk to all types from all walks of life, from a CEO to a member of the cheer squad. That helps you become really relatable ... that's a strength of mine."

Okay so he didn't say that about dating but it still works...

The caring one

Dr Chris Brown
Dr Chris not only has his devilishly good looks but loves animals too! Photo: Instagram/@drchrisbrown

Every year, TV vet Dr Chris Brown is suggested as a celebrity bachelor and there is good reason for that. The chiselled jawline, the soft touch with animals, his intelligence and a love for the great outdoors make the TV presenter one of the most eligible celebs in Oz.

The 43-year-old is probably sick of being asked about his love life and being linked to every girl he has a passing word with but he has admitted in the past that he hoped he'd be married with children by now.

"I’m certainly looking for the one," he told the Daily Telegraph. "I don’t want to be this person with a history of short to medium-term relationships."

But he also heeds his mum Anne's warning: "she told me I needed to be careful because there was such a thing as starf*ckers. 'There are these girls...' she explained, 'who don’t see you for who you are. They just want to be with you because you’re famous.'"

Hopefully, he can put his wanderlust aside to spend time to build a family life but we're not too sure if his mum would be thrilled with him doing it on a dating show!

The iron man

Model Jett Kenny
Model Jett Kenny certainly has the looks of the perfect Bachelor. Photo: Instagram/@jettkenny

Jett Kenny is the son of Aussie sporting royalty Grant Kenny and Lisa Curry but Jett's model looks (doesn't he look like Smith from Sex And The City in the shots above girls?) and athleticism for his job as a lifesaver as well as during this year's SAS Australia sure make him nice to look at. But what more does he have to offer?

Jett, 27, has learnt from his parent's time in the limelight to keep a lot of things on the down-low but he is fiercely loyal to his family, protecting his mum after the tragic loss of his sister Jaimi last year.

"I remember the first time I proper cried about it was when mum was so upset. I was just like, 'goddammit'," he told the Courier Mail. "But after that, it was just a matter of trying to be strong for them, I guess."

Being a family man would certainly be an attractive quality to the bachelorettes competing to win his affections but they better not break his heart!

The man of mystery

Sam Reid
Aussie actor Sam Reid has all the makings of the perfect celeb Bachelor. Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Australian actor Sam Reid has been on our screens recently in the ABC's 80s drama The Newsreader and this home-grown talent has barely been out of work since graduating as the star student from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2010.

While his acting has gone from strength to strength, little is known about his personal life. That hasn't stopped hoards of fans trying to find out more about the handsome 34-year-old from NSW.

Howeve,r Hollywood may have gotten hold of him before Channel 10 could. He has just signed on to play Lestat in the TV remake of Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire.

Of course, taking on the role originally played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 movie version will only make his fans (male and female alike!) more interested in just who the real Sam Reid is.

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