The hilarious moment that broke Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa Wilkinson pictured with her head in her hands on The Project
Lisa Wilkinson was left with her head in her hands after a rude joke on The Project. Photo: Ten

The transition from breakfast to dinner time TV has been a relatively smooth one for Lisa Wilkinson, but last night’s episode of The Project involved something that she wouldn’t have been exposed to at an earlier time slot.

The host was left with her head in her hands after fellow presenter Tommy Little made a crude joke right at the end of the program.

Tommy was crossing to the show from London where he’d just completed a nude bike ride for the World Naked Bike Ride, and was relaying what one woman said as he whizzed past.

“I was still quite cold but I thought, bugger it, I will get nude and at least be part of this,” he said, “Then one woman just looks at me, she was heckling from the side [and says], ‘He’s a grower and not a shower!’”

The studio erupted in laughter, but Lisa said, “I’m not quite sure what that means”.

Tommy quickly fired back, “I think it means I’ve got a small c**k, Lis.”

Tommy Little pictured naked on The Project
Tommy Little was in London for a Spice Girls concert and took part in a nude ride the next day. Photo: Ten

By the time the camera moved back to a giggling Lisa, her head was already in her hands, and when Waleed Aly asked, “Would you like more clarification?” she replied, “I’m done, I’m done”.

She later took to Twitter to say that her daughter Billi had to talk her through the joke.

“I seriously had no idea what that meant,” she wrote, retweeting Billi who said, “Just had to have the birds and the bees chat with her...”

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Exciting news, or is it?

Tommy was in London with Carrie Bickmore and had been at a Spice Girls concert the night before.

The 90s pop group announced at that show that they’ll be spicing up our lives soon too with an Australian next year.

Mel B told the crowd at Wembley Stadium, “We’ll see you in February in Australia!” however, she later backtracked and said nothing was actually locked in.

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“I announced it on stage, yes, without everybody else signing off 100 per cent, but I figured if I put it out there maybe it’s going to happen,” she told 2DayFM on Monday morning.

The Spice Girls’ reunion tour has already made waves through England, Wales and Ireland, with Mel B, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton returning to the stage without Victoria Beckham.

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