The Project's Rachel Corbett brought to tears in emotional segment

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The Project host Rachel Corbett was unable to hold back tears after becoming emotional during a heartwarming 'Good News' segment on Wednesday night's program.

Carrie Bickmore introduced World War II veteran Frank, who survived the Battle of the Bulge on the Western Front, explaining how 12 years ago he received a letter from a little girl thanking him for his service.

the project host Rachel Corbett crying
Rachel Corbett was unable to hold back tears on The Project. Photo: Channel 10

"Frank has carried that letter in his pocket ever since, hoping to one day meet his special pen-pal – and thanks to his nursing home, it finally happened," Carrie said.

Footage of Frank then meeting DeShawna, who now serves in the military as well, showed the veteran exclaim: "You’re not the girl …?!. Don’t make me cry …! Oh, I love you so much … I really do."


The emotional reunion was all too much for Rachel, who promptly started tearing up.

"Oh, good Lord …! This is when not having any tissues in my covid cupboard … drives me nuts!!!! That was SO beautiful," she said.

"It was lovely, wasn’t it?" Waleed Aly added.

the project meeting between veteran frank and DeShawna
The meeting between Frank and DeShawna became very emotional. Photo: Channel 10

It comes after fellow Project hosts Waleed Aly and Peter Helliar made a rather grim prediction about lockdowns earlier in the week.

Both anticipated that NSW and Victoria will still be in lockdown by Christmas, after Carrie Bickmore had said she was fascinated to see how the road to reopening Australian borders will play out.

"Do you think that we will be vastly in a different spot by Christmas than we are now? Do you think Australia will be open to itself?" guest panellist Georgie Tunny asked.

While Carrie sighed "God I hope so", Waleed took a more realistic approach: "I can’t imagine."

"Not before Christmas, no,” Peter remarked. "I’m fascinated. If Victoria goes to press these numbers down low, do they open the border to NSW - if it stays around where it is now - before Christmas?"

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