The Project star Peter Helliar’s brutal joke after ‘trainwreck’ interview

Peter Helliar wasn’t afraid to share his opinion about a certain guest on Wednesday night’s episode of The Project, which viewers have since labelled as a “train wreck” interview.

The 46-year-old snuck in a savage remark after the panel interviewed the latest eliminated contestant from Survivor, Emmett Pugh.

Peter Helliar and Survivor's Emmett Pugh.
Peter received plenty of laughs for his brutal joke about Emmett after their interview. Photos: Channel Ten

Emmett was known as the ‘challenge beast’ during his time on the show, with 15 team challenges and four individual immunity wins up his sleeve before his elimination.

Just as he appeared in the reality TV competition, he was extremely energetic during the interview and called himself ‘the plant-based superman’ - which is also his Instagram handle.

“Good evening everyone!” he exclaimed after host Waleed Aly introduced him to the show. “Yes, the plant-based superman has taken a hit, but there are bigger and better challenges to take on.”


Waleed was clearly taken aback by Emmett’s persona, asking: “Did the plant-based superman just give himself a nickname and then refer to himself in the third person?

“The plant-based superman is a lunatic, as you would’ve figured out by now,” Emmett replied. “He can just do whatever he wants man, there are no rules when you’re a superman, right?”

Emmett Pugh on Survivor.
Emmett loves to refer to himself as ‘the plant-based superman’. Photo: Channel Ten

He went on to give a shout out to the ‘28 day superman challenge’ that he’s created, leaving the presenters in shock at his sneaky plug.

“What’s the point of being on here if you can’t promote your amazing business?” Emmett said.

“That is the most honest answer from any reality TV contestant I’ve ever had on this show,” the host replied.

Waleed jokingly called the chat “fairly orthodox” at the end of the interview, whereas Peter received plenty of laughs after he sarcastically quipped: “How did he get voted out? I don’t know.”

A number of users also took to social media to share their thoughts on the interview, with many saying that it was “weird”.

“That ‘interview’ was a train wreck,” one person tweeted, with another writing about Emmett: “He needs to dial it back a lot”.

Australian Survivor continues 7.30pm Sunday on Ten.

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