The Project hosts in hysterics after technical mishap: 'I'm sorry!'

The Sunday Project hosts were in hysterics when a technical mishap meant Jan Fran was left presenting in the dark.

Tommy Little, who was reporting on a story about a baby panda, stopped what he was saying to point out the mishap to the viewers.

Tommy Little on The Project
Tommy Little pointed out on last night's episode of The Project that Jan Fran was presenting in the dark due to a technical mishap. Photo: Ten

"I was going to say some more stuff here, but I just realised Jan Fran's light has gone out and it would be remiss of us not to point it out," he joked.

"She's sitting at the desk in the dark!"


A red-faced Jan laughed, telling him: "We were trying so hard not to actually draw attention to this, but yes..."

"Jan Fran, that's what happens when you talk smack about the lighting guy before the show!" Tommy jokingly added.

"I'm sorry!" Jan laughed.

Jan Fran on The Project
The Project hosts were left in hysterics as it was pointed out that Jan wasn't lit properly. Photo: Ten

Before pointing out the technical difficulties of the show, Tommy had revealed he went out and got the AstraZeneca job after weighing up the pros and cons.

"I got AstraZeneca on Friday. I weighed up what I thought were the risks and benefits, and I was happy to get the AZ jab," he said, but added he was angry at the government over the messaging around the vaccine.

"I'm pretty p***ed off with the government over their messaging - saying the health advice was still that if you're under 40, they weren't recommending that we get AstraZeneca, but then in the same breath telling us to get vaccinated."

Jan said she had been trying not to draw attention to the fact she had no light. Photo: Ten
Jan said she had been trying not to draw attention to the fact she had no light. Photo: Ten

"In my part of the country, that was the only vaccine available to people under 40."

The Pfizer vaccine has been in short supply for some time and is not yet available to people under 40, the same group of people who were at first advised not to get the AstraZeneca jab.

"I feel like I wish the government would stop putting it on the general public, when really the main point is there are so many of us willing to get vaccinated," Tommy added, saying the process was "frustrating".

Anyone aged 18-39 wanting to get the AstraZeneca vaccine is encouraged to chat to their GP or book an appointment at a vaccination clinic or participating pharmacy.

Both vaccines will greatly reduce the likelihood of hospitalisation should you test positive for Covid-19.

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