The Project hosts in stitches over Michael Buble's X-rated comment: 'Wild'

The Project hosts were left in stitches on Wednesday night after Michael Bublé made some 'wild' comments about the way he eats corn.

When asked if he'd ever received any 'love notes' from fans, given his new perfume is called Love Note, the singer revealed that one fan has tattooed a photo of him eating corn on the cob, which he joked really "moved" him.

The Project's Sarah Harris and Michael Buble
The Project hosts were left in stitches on Wednesday night over comments made by Michael Buble during an interview. Photo: Ten

"I went to Disney (Land) and was eating corn on the cob the wrong way, apparently most people don’t eat it from the top," he said. "But that was the closest thing to a real love note that I’ve ever had and it was sexy and phallic and I felt like people made fun of me but part of it was jealousy because I just think they wish they could take it as deep as I did."

Sarah Harris also questioned what Michael smells like, with the singer joking, "Like booze, mostly."


The host then tried to pronounce the name of one of his scents but struggled, saying, "This is a very hard fragrance to say, 'Peony Noir,' with my Queensland accent there ... this is lovely."

"It's a very phallic sounding name, for sure!" Michael quipped.

Michael Buble eating corn
The infamous photo of Michael eating the corn. Photo: Ten

Sarah then momentarily surprised the star when she asked him, "What do you like to smell on a lady?"

The singer began laughing, telling her, "The [alarm bells] in my head just went off, because there were so many things I wanted to say!"

Later, comedian Nick Cody asked Michael whether he and his partner should have a third child, telling the singer, "I’m on the fence. I‘m leaving it up to you, the king of romance, Michael Buble, what do I do?"


"Well don’t wear a condom because it doesn’t work," Michael joked, before adding, "For me personally, there is nothing that is negative about meeting the next ones, they’re the greatest thing that ever happens to you."

"They’re the best, do it … You’ll never in your life ever look back on your life and say, ‘I wish I hadn‘t met this little girl or this little boy. They are the greatest things ever. They are my joy and, you know, the truth is they let me just laugh at life and laugh at myself and it really puts life in perspective."

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