The Project host shocks panel as he starts 'bleeding' live on-air: 'Crazy'

Sam Taunton told his co-hosts he was 'feeling a bit faint'.

The Project’s Sam Taunton left his fellow panellists stunned during Tuesday night’s broadcast when his nose appeared to start gushing blood live on-air.

After host Sarah Harris introduced Celia Pacquola to the show to talk about the return of the improvisational comedy series Thank God You’re Here, Sam interrupted to say he was “feeling a bit faint”.

Celia Pacquola looking shocked / The Project's Sam Taunton covering his bloody nose.
Celia Pacquola was in shock after The Project host Sam Taunton’s nose appeared to start gushing blood at the start of their interview. Photos: Channel 10

“Oh my god,” he said as he brought his hands to his nose in an attempt to cover up the red liquid rushing down his face. “Oh what? This is crazy.”

“Are you serious?” Celia asked him, looking extremely concerned. “Are you pranking me?”


Co-hosts Waleed Aly and Kate Langbroek then yelled “Thank god you’re here!” as Sam began to break character and laugh.

“Is there anything you can do to help me?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m going to take your job. You’re fired, get out,” Celia replied as she moved her chair into his position on the desk.

“Welcome back to The Project,” she said as she shuffled his papers.

Celia Pacquola laughing with The Project panellists.
Celia called Sam ‘a piece of s**t’ after his nosebleed was revealed to be a prank. Photo: Channel 10

'You're a piece of s**t'

As the panel erupted into laughter and Sam confirmed he was okay, Celia fired up over the prank.

“Seriously? You’re a piece of s**t,” she laughed. “Is that serious?”

“No, it’s not real,” he said. “Or is it real? No, it’s not real.”

Kate then gleefully told Celia that the stunt was all just “theatre sports” inspired by her new show.

“Is everyone OK? Is anyone else like, is this serious?” Celia asked the live studio audience. “It’s good to know that in an emergency my instinct is to just step over the corpse.”

It was announced in April that Celia Pacquola would be hosting the Channel 10 reboot of Thank God You’re Here, which initially ran from 2006 to 2009.


The first episode is set to premiere on Wednesday night featuring comedians Ursula Carlson, Aaron Chen, Julia Zemiro and Mark Bonanno.

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