The Project fans applaud Chrissie Swan for outburst: 'Amen!'

The Project fans have applauded host Chrissie Swan for her reaction to a new report suggesting pregnant women shouldn't be offered laughing gas during childbirth as it adds to rising carbon emissions.

"Nitrous oxide is no laughing matter anymore," Hamish Macdonald said. "A new report has revealed its use in maternity wards is contributing to rising carbon emissions.

The Project's Chrissie Swan
The Project fans have applauded Chrissie Swan after she slammed the idea of taking away laughing gas for women giving birth. Photo: Ten

"The report also suggests women opt for alternative pain relief options but experts say there are other ways pregnancy could be greener than making a woman feel guilty during labour."

Chrissie quickly made her thoughts clear, saying, "I was like, 'Whoa, come on!' Of all the things that we can tackle, let's just let the women have the babies! Get them out, anyway, using anything that is available.


"Can I get an 'Amen' audience?" she said, much to the audience's delight with the in-studio fans cheering. "I mean, meanwhile, a billion cows are farting methane within you know, 10 kilometres of any given hospital and they want to take the laughing gas off a woman pushing something the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of an orange!"

The men on the panel were speechless for a moment with Chrissie adding, "I say no to that, no deal!"

Hamish Macdonald and Chrissie Swan
The men were left a little lost for words as Chrissie said the idea was a 'no' from her. Photo: Ten

"How else are women supposed to find labour funny?" Peter Helliar joked. "I mean I tried to make a lot of jokes during my wife's three pregnancies – not one laugh! Laughing gas, however, got the job done!"

Fans shared their thoughts on the show's Instagram page with one user writing, "Amen Chrissie!"

"I mean yeah the cows but our government could also stop coal and gas mining," another wrote.

"With you Chrissie!" a third wrote. "Typical, take away all our pain relief! Men should have babies, see what relief would be around then!"

"Omg I will never look at an orange the same....I agree Chrissie," a fourth joked.

"Assuming a male made this decision," someone else added.

"Well said Chrissie, I'm with you!" yet another viewer agreed.

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