Chrissie Swan stuns in pink as she opens up about personal 'stress'

The Project host Chrissie Swan stunned in a beautiful pink dress on Monday night, and fans absolutely loved the outfit.

She wore the Fame And Fortune dress by Sheike, which is much more affordable than past designer dresses she has sported, retailing at just $199.95.

Chrissie Swan wore an affordable dress from Sheike on The Project. Photo: Ten
Chrissie Swan wore an affordable dress from Sheike on The Project. Photo: Ten

“Love Sheike and it is a lovely dress. Suits you well, Chrissie,” one fan wrote.

“Wow, Chrissie looks stunning,” another added.

‘Chrissie’s transformation is an inspiration. Looks so amazing,” a third remarked.

The television host went on to discuss a relatable issue for many mums, saying that she finds it impossible to hide her stress levels from her children.


“I think the signs of stress don’t even have to be that obvious. I can’t get away with anything at home, and I’m trying to be not stressed,” she began.

“All I have to do is this,” she said, and demonstrated a long exhale of breath, “and my 10-year-old will go, ‘Are you okay?’

“I can’t get away with anything, he knows!”

The other hosts questioned Chrissie’s method of ‘hiding’ her stress, with Waleed Aly telling her that it was a very “pointed" breath. Steve Price also noted that he thought it was Chrissie’s “facial expressions” that gave her away.

Chrissie then noted her children are so observant that if she doesn’t say or do anything, it can be an indication that something's wrong.

Waleed agreed that she could be onto something, “The minute you’re quiet, something’s up!”

Chrissie Swan smiles for the camera in a bold printed dress.
The star talked about how her children know when she's stressed, even if she tries to hide it. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan

This comes after the star opened up about her split from partner Chris Saville after 15 years together.

She has since undergone a major health and fitness transformation and was completely honest with her fans about how she has been handling the breakup.

"Learning to just be by myself has been a great challenge and as it happens with these things: my new greatest joy," she said on Instagram.

"I have been spending a fair bit of time utterly alone as much as I can and I can’t even express the internal peace I’m getting from it. It’s a weird kind of exhilaration and joy from knowing all I need is myself.

"Most of my life – probably like yours – is full of wonderful people and lots of jobs and lots of noise. It’s nice to get a little bit of downtime? Last Friday I even went apple picking alone – and I highly recommend it.

"I’ve spent some time in my veggie patch (I have no idea what I’m doing). I’ve also been buying myself flowers and taking myself out on walking dates, coffee dates, lunch dates and to the movies. Best company ever!

"If you’re craving time alone – don’t be scared or feel guilty – try and carve some out. It’s a bit fantastic."

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