Carrie Bickmore praised for candid Instagram post: 'Parenting fail'

Carrie Bickmore has been praised on social media after she shared a candid post opening up about her “parenting fail” while living in the UK.

The TV star set off on a European adventure in April with her husband Chris and three kids, Oliver, 14, Evie, 7, and Adelaide, 3, after announcing back in March that she would be leaving The Project “for a couple of months”.

Carrie Bickmore on The Project.
Carrie Bickmore has been praised by fans on social media after sharing her ‘parenting fail’. Photo: Channel Ten

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Carrie posted a snap showcasing two trays of mini pavlovas on a table next to a list of ingredients and the New Zealand flag.

“Parenting fail. International food festival at Evie’s school. Bring something Australian,” she began.

“1. Planned to make pavlova. Got to the day and realised I did not have any of the tools needed to make pavlova so went to shop and bought meringues. (Not an Australian dish)

“2. Got to school and they could only find a New Zealand flag (fitting given I was taking Pavlova which actually originates from NZ)


“3. Spelt cornflour wrong.

“4. Was told I could have brought fairy bread. Who knew fairy bread was just an Australian thing?”

Carrie ended the caption by saying that her kids loved the meringues and the night ended up being “so lovely”.

Carrie Bickmore's trays of pavlovas next to a New Zealand flag.
Carrie explained that the school could only find a New Zealand flag to sit alongside her pavlovas. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

‘Parenting win’

Shortly after sharing the post online, a number of Carrie’s followers rushed to the comments to applaud her efforts.

“Looks like a parenting win! Well done mumma,” one person wrote, followed by another who said, “Awesome effort!”.

“Working mum, you did what we all do and improvised. Bet the kids loved it and didn’t care it wasn’t the idea you had in your head,” a third shared.

“This is so great!” someone else replied, with a different user remarking, “They look delicious”.

Plenty of fans also debated over whether or not pavlova originated from New Zealand or Australia.

“It’s definitely kiwi,” one fan commented, while another argued, “Pavlova is an Australian dish”.

“I'd say it's only NZ dish if it has kiwi fruit,” someone else suggested.

“Fairy bread is also a kiwi kid birthday party delicacy,” another shared.

Carrie Bickmore with her family.
Carrie embarked on a European adventure with her family back in April. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

‘It’s a vibe’

Carrie’s post comes shortly after she revealed the one “game-changing” item she always brings with her while she’s travelling.

Posing in a cream pantsuit, pink top and high-top Vans, she also rocked a black bumbag which she said she can’t live without.

“It's a vibe... (and not a good one according to my family),” she captioned the photo.

“Yes I bought a bumbag for our adventures and have worn it every day since. Game changer! Free hands, easy access, and not to mention how stylish it makes you.”


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