The Project's Carrie Bickmore reacts to Bachelor's shock confession

The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson, whose season of the dating show will premiere in just a few days, has revealed that Carrie Bickmore is his ‘celebrity crush’.

The 31-year-old’s confession aired on The Project, where he added that the program’s host is ‘wife material’.

Carrie and Bachelor Jimmy.
Carrie said Jimmy’s confession was ‘awkward’ but she was very flattered. Photos: Channel 10

The admission came during a game of quick-fire questions for, which was then played on the Channel 10 show.

After being quizzed about his all-time favourite TV show and a food he hates, Jimmy was asked about his celebrity crush.

“Carrie Bickmore,” he said candidly.

“I just think she looks like a really nice person and she’s very beautiful,” he later continued when explaining his answer. “She’s wife material.”


After hearing Jimmy’s response, Carrie’s co-host Peter Helliar quickly asked her: “Hang on, are you entering The Bachelor?

“No! You know that I’m happily taken,” she replied.

Carrie has been with partner Chris Walker for over seven years, with the pair sharing two children together.

Chris Walker and Carrie Bickmore.
Carrie first met partner Chris when he was a producer on The Project. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

Guest host Kate Langbroek also added to the conversation, remarking that Jimmy was ‘properly crushy’ during the interview.

“Is it a strange thing to say when you’re about to date 20 women at once?” Waleed Aly quipped.

Carrie had previously reacted to Jimmy’s confession on her radio show Carrie and Tommy, saying: “Well that’s awkward!”

“Look, it’s very lovely and I’m very, very flattered,” the 40-year-old later said, before adding that she hopes she’s not hosting The Project when the Bachelor comes in to promote his show.

Bachelor Jimmy.
Bachelor Jimmy says that he has found love on the dating show. Photo: Channel 10

‘We are genuinely in love’

While he might have a ‘crush’ on the Aussie TV and radio personality, Jimmy has disclosed that he has found love on the dating series.

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle, the Sydney pilot confirmed that fans won’t witness a ‘Honey Badger scenario’ this year.

“We are genuinely in love and we’re both really, really happy,” he gushed.

“That’s why I came on the show and I know that’s why she came on the show as well, so we couldn’t be happier from that point of view.”

Jimmy teased that the ninth season of the reality show will also include plenty of drama - most of which he had no idea about until chatting with his ‘winner’ post-show.

“There was a lot that I wasn't aware of until I finished the show and I was obviously chatting with my girlfriend,” Jimmy revealed.

“She told me a whole bunch of different things that I had no idea happened.

“I'm just like, ‘No, she didn't say that!?’ or ‘She didn’t do that!?’. But that being said, there were also some amazing girls that came on that I will definitely be mates with after this.”

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